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Jesus Without The Junk: What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?

I ran across an article written by a woman who said she found it odd that a pastor’s daughter said she had never heard the voice of God except through reading the Bible.  The woman found this statement incredulous because she said God spoke to her all the time (audibly) and said,   “If he wants to get my attention, he has to talk to me” (emphasis mine).
I knew I had to write my opinion on it because I feel it gives God a bad rap.  It is a misleading statement and may cause others to think that they are being short-changed in some way.  
Though God can, He does not have to talk to anyone audibly.  He will use any method He chooses; not the method we demand, expect or want Him to use to reach us. With that being said, most likely, He will not speak to most of us the way you and I converse with each other.
Unless people explain themselves when they make statements like this, others (the ones we are trying to draw to Christ) think that those who follow Jesus “hear voices, are nuts, have schizophrenia or belong to a cult.”  These were just a few of the comments bloggers wrote in response to her article.
The Lord gave us the Bible, His written Word, for several reasons, one being so that He can let us know what His will for our lives is.  For the past six plus years I have heard over and over-do not place God in a box.  Even His Word He tells us that His way are not our ways.
Anyone who knows the Word knows something of God’s ways.  Urim and Thummim were used to communicate with man, dreams are used, visions are given and God uses prophets for revelation as well. These are but a few examples.  Chuck Pierce wrote a book a few years back and in it he said, “God speaks to us more often than we may be aware.”  Do not underestimate our multifaceted God or you will miss His voice. Katie Altobellis