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For Your Consideration: The Big Inhibitor

Contributing Writer

The Nation is steadily losing its position as the world’s economic engine, and the Government appears unable to acknowledge the fact that it’s one of the major sources of the problem.
The Government does a good job of deflecting the responsibility to other aspects of our society, and many constituents seem to buy the Government’s spiel. 
Again our Founding Fathers can be credited for inserting their wisdom into the U.S. Constitution; they realized that all past governments eventually evolved into dictatorships, which stifled the individual’s initiative.
It’s perplexing to realize that many constituents don’t appear to understand some very basic principles of economics, political goals, and human frailties that politicians play on.
All these shortcomings were addressed in our original Constitution, but over the intervening years the politicians have managed to subvert the Constitution, which has enabled them to expand their quest for power.
The economic side of our dilemma should be apparent to any individual that has gone through twelve years of education, that’s assuming we have an educational system.
The public sector of employment has been growing continually since the inception of the Nation, but the growth really started to accelerate during the Great Depression and continued through World War II. Most of the rapid growth in the latter part of the last century occurred in state and municipal government agencies; these bodies doubled their previous employment.
One gets the impression that the Federal Government is trying to make up for the slower growth during the latter part of the twentieth century; this trend can’t continue. With the growth of public employment the bureaucracies have created massive amounts of regulations that are impacting many businesses and individuals in the private sector.
The impact is on the cost of doing business, which is passed on to the cost of the product or service; the individual is impacted with license, permits, fees, and additional taxes.
Given the state of our economy with regard to unemployment, housing, cost of products that are consumed on a daily basis, and the rapid growth of the National debt, this additional drain on the taxpayer for the growth that we are experiencing in the public sector employment and the money that is being put into renewable energy programs is irrational given these conditions. The people in the private sector have less capital to support many businesses that are trying to remain solvent.
The political aspect is clearly one of maintaining power within the structure by both parties, the very thing the Constitution was set up to prevent.
All one has to do is listen to the partisan banter between the two parties to see that the actions taken by both groups are designed to appeal to groups that are needed to solidify the position of either of the two parties. Our representatives have lost track of the principles that should be guiding them when trying to resolve a problem; their actions are diametrically opposed to what the Constitution mandates.
 The politicians have been schooled in how to influence the general public; they know all the human frailties and how to manipulate them to their advantage.
These manipulations don’t only take place in politics, but they are more injurious in the political arena because they have an impact on society as a whole. The individual must become more aware of the techniques used to influence behavior if we are to establish the type of society that the Founders envisioned for us. It is clear that the Government’s approach is not going to get us there.
One would think that it would also help if we paid more attention to the judges we appointed to the Federal court system; their grounding should be in the spirit of the Constitution, not in any political party’s philosophy.
We need to know the principles that are going to guide them in their decision making process. The selections that have been made in the past do not seem to have a clear understanding of the Constitution. Are we going to be free to determine our future, or are we going to allow the Government to determine our future? It all comes down to accepting responsibility for one’s actions; evidently, there is a large segment of the population that would rather have the Government pick up the responsibility for our ineptitude.