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For Your Consideration: Broken System

Contributing Writer

One might be inclined to think that our government bodies have a dysfunctional system for addressing and passing legislation.
The system appears more suited to political gamesmanship then it is in resolving the problems the Nation is facing. The first thing that is apparent are the number of Bills placed on the agenda, many of which should not
be presented for consideration because they have little or nothing to do with the essential responsibilities of the governing bodies.
The Nation has gone three years without a budget; the inability of the U.S. Congress to come up with a fiscally responsible budget is inexcusable.
The House has presented the Senate with two budgets this year, but they have been tabled when they arrive at the Senate. The House is controlled by the Republican Party and the Senate is controlled by the Democratic Party.
One can understand that these two bodies may have different objectives, but are they so myopic that they are unable to construct a budget that covers the basic essentials that fall under the responsibility of the Federal Government.
The Nation has an election every two years, and the politicians become increasingly mentally catatonic the closer one gets to an election date. 
One is left with the impression that the only time the elected representatives are interested in taking any action on Bills is when they have just been elected to office. It would appear that the only thing politicians
are interested in is getting back into office, and in order to do that they have to leave sufficient time between their actions on Bills and the next election so they can deflect any possible negative comments that may arise as a result of their actions.
It’s clear that our elected officials have created a dysfunctional system that enables them to continue in their positions regardless of their ability to perform constructively in the positions they occupy.
The electorate is just as responsible for this dysfunctional system as our representatives; they pay little attention to the proceedings of the elected officials after the election, and show little or no concern with the promises that were made before the election and the actions taken after the election.
Even if it were possible to keep up with the politicians’ actions, the system is designed to give cover to the representatives. 
There are a number of individuals that feel the Nation has reached a critical point in its history and view this coming election as possibly the last chance to correct the problems facing the Nation.
There is also considerable concern over the inability of large portions of the electorate being able to discern the plight that the country is in.
The competing political forces in our dysfunctional governmental system have made it almost impossible to correct our problems due to the diversionary tactics employed by them. 
The current economic state is the fault of our dysfunctional government; it is true that the blame cannot be placed completely on the current administration, but it has done nothing to really correct the major flaws in our system.
The Nation continues to go further into debt, but at a faster pace than any time in the past.
Our country has a blueprint that can save it, but do we have the will to follow it. The politicians need to be told to stop the rhetoric and start to apply the principles that are outlined in the original Constitution. Both political parties have subverted the U.S. Constitution to achieve their own ideological goals, which have often been at odds with the direction suggested in the Nation’s blueprint.