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For Your Consideration: Bureaucratic Chaos

Contributing Writer

It can no longer be denied that government is too large and incapable of functioning efficiently.
The latest debacles involving the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Secret Service should leave no doubt in the electorate’s mind that our governmental system is totally dysfunctional.
This simple truth has been known by most of the population for ages, but we continually ignore this fact and accept the government’s claim that it can take on even more responsibility in a dependable manner.
The electorate is going to have to come to the realization that our government needs to file for bankruptcy; this would be the normal course of action if the government was a corporation.
We know that this is not really an option for the government, but the end result of the mismanagement we are experiencing will bring the Nation to the same point.
The general view of many government employees is that their jobs are secure; the view also suggests that retirement benefits will be there for them when they have fulfilled their contract.
It should be obvious to most government employees that these long held views may not be as sound as once thought. The politicians and unions have made promises that cannot be met; many corporations have found themselves in the same position, and have had to file for bankruptcy. The shortcoming with most negotiations is that management does not take into account the realities of the business environment; this factor is even more apparent with large global corporations that have to deal with unions.
When businesses in the private sector make mistakes the damage is frequently limited to the corporation, employees, and investors; however, when this happens in the public sector the devastation is experienced by the taxpayers that are contributing to the services that are being provided. The end result of this type of calamity is a loss of faith in the governing bodies and a disillusioned public work force, but the culprits have long since left the scene. Most politicians do their utmost to continue the charade that prior politicians established to gain favor with the electorate, but in reality they are only making the eventual reality much more definitive. One needs to be concerned with the lack of understanding of the basic principles that are impacting this national problem.
When one considers the track record of many of our government agencies it would seem totally illogical to expand governments’ responsibilities and that of the various agencies under their control. It would appear that there is some hardwired connection in the brain that allows the electorate to bypass all the warning signs that are flashing in front of us on a daily basis. Evidently this is not a recent development, because our Founders set up a system to help protect us from the very thing that we seem so intent on achieving.
One can only suggest that the U.S. electorate pay close attention to the nations in the European Block, the things that are occurring there have a very real potential of happening here. Our nation is not immune to the behavior that is being expressed in many of these countries, and recent political tactics are increasing the likelihood of that behavior being exhibited here.