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For Your Consideration: U.S. v. Arizona

Contributing Writer

The Supreme Court will be making some very important decisions during this session. It will be interesting to see how their ruling on illegal immigration is going to impact this problem; this question is being broached by half the states in the Union. Many states feel the Federal Government is not fulfilling its responsibilities with respect to controlling the influx of undocumented aliens coming into this country.
One would think that if a state structured its law to mirror that of the Federal Government’s that there should be no problem with the state’s law. The position that has been taken by the Federal Government is that when some law applies to the Nation as a whole that the law needs to be enforced by the Federal Government to ensure consistency throughout the Union, but with illegal immigration there appears to be some reluctance to enforce the immigration rules. It would appear that political and economic influences are persuading the Government to relax or ignore immigration laws in many areas. This position is creating problems for many states so they have taken action to mitigate some of these negative impacts that the Federal Government’s lack of action are creating.
When the Federal Government fails to enforce the laws of the Nation that Congress has put in place for the protection of the country, the states should have the right to apply any portions of the law that are consistent with the Federal law. Many politicians are continually destroying the sovereignty of the Nation for political or economic reasons.
The enforcement of the immigration laws are not, and should not be, an attempt to persecute any nationality. Because of the close proximity of the Mexican border the actions by states are being viewed as a move against Hispanics; this may be a result of the fact that this segment of the illegal population has the easiest access to the U.S. and the economic environment in many South American countries leads many of their inhabitants to seek economic opportunities elsewhere. The end result is that Hispanics appear to be the most frequent exploiters of our immigration laws.  
Politicians and businesses complicate the enforcement problem because they see an opportunity to enhance their positions as a result of the illegal aliens.
Those that would make use of this problem have little or no concern for the nation’s sovereignty or the unforeseen consequences of their actions. We need to question what impact this movement is going to have on the structure of the Nation.
Are illegals coming here because they want to be U.S. citizens or are they coming here to make use of all the benefits while retaining their position in their country of origin?
Many have shown that they are still more closely aligned with their country of origin and have little concern with our sovereignty.