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For Your Consideration: The Value of an Education

Contributing Writer

One should be concerned with the quality of education that our society is providing to the populace.
The cost of an education is going up faster than the inflation rate, but the quality, by some reports, appears to be declining.
It would be a mistake to assume that all students are of the same quality that are presented on some news programs, or that all teachers are indoctrinating their students with a particular political ideology.
However, it is clear that the existing system does not seem to be turning out enough high quality students; the quality should be related to the student’s ability to think rationally and to be able to expand the connectivity of related elements to a specific problem.
The educational system needs to get away from the thought that one’s ability to regurgitate information is the same as receiving an education.
Are our teachers educating when they pass on information that they have received and assume to be correct? 
An educational system may be better served if the goal to learning was how to question what we think we know; this is one of the prime approaches in the scientific analytical model.
There are certain aspects in our lives that can be considered factual under given conditions, but the more variables one adds to the subject, the more one should question the truth of the outcome.
Many of the subjects that are part of the curriculum in our colleges and universities are subjects that are not grounded in the scientific model, but they still try to pass themselves off as if they were.
When an educational system puts forth this position it’s doing an injustice to the students that it’s attempting to educate.
In the end the Nation ends up with students that are not being prepared to interact with the real world in a rational manner; they operate on the assumption that they are approaching a problem from a factual point of view.
This form of education is more akin to indoctrination than it is to education. The term “garbage in, garbage out” would seem to fit some classes that are presented in our institutions of higher education.
One indication that our educational system is failing may be the fact that many of our private sector corporations are suggesting that they need higher quotas for immigrants to perform the functions needed to operate their systems.
One has to question if this request is based, in part, on the corporation’s ability to apply a lower wage to this workforce. It is apparent that a very high percentage of our students are receiving an education that is not marketable in our private sector economy.
It’s also clear that there is little understanding related to some very basic economic principles; there should be a required basic course related to the basic principles of economics, which happens to be an essential part of each individual’s life. This is a subject that should start to receive some attention during the high school years.
It is time that Nation took a closer look at the objectives and methods employed in our educational system.
There is no point in putting families and individuals in debt for an education that is not going to enable them to be gainfully employed. It’s true that a good education goes beyond one’s ability to attain a higher income bracket, but this is the aspect that is sold to the perspective student. If we did nothing more than present a student with the skills needed to enhance their own education through self-study; this objective should be interwoven with each course.