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For Your Consideration: U.S. Sovereignty

Contributing Writer

There should be some concern over actions taken by administrations that have had the effect of diluting the Nation’s sovereignty.
The lines have become more defused during the past two or three generations as a result of our actions towards illegal immigration, our involvement with the United Nations, the acceptance of other nations’ laws within our legal system, and the blurring of some of our Constitutional mandates.
These actions have been applied for a variety of reasons, but the end result has been the slow erosion of the Nation’s sovereignty.
Illegal immigration is not a recent problem, back in the mid 80s our government came up with a plan that was theoretical intended to resolve the Nation’s illegal immigration problem.
The Nation is attempting to apply the same fix again; it seems the government is not willing to take the actions needed protect the sovereignty of our borders.
Many observers have suggested that the failure to enforce our laws is due to two factors, cheap labor and political gain.
The failure to protect the sovereignty of our borders is having a negative impact on the Nation’s economy and security.
Most citizens are aware of some of the negative economic impacts, but they may not be aware of the fact that there are people that are taking advantage of our laxity of enforcing policies restricting entry into the country, and some of these people are intent on harming our citizens and creating chaos within our society.
The Nation has gotten involved in conflicts in the Middle East; these engagements have been at the request, or are being sanctioned by the United Nations.
It is difficult at times to tell how and why we became involved in these military operations. Ever since Korea the Nation has been involved in police actions, peace keeping military exercises, and conflicts: these operations need to have the correct terminology applied to them, war without a declaration.
Our troops are being killed, often without a clear understanding of how these engagements are protecting the Nation’s security.
Now we have Special Forces involved in operations in a number of African countries with no clear understanding of why we are there, or by what authority.
One of the shortcomings of our Constitution is that our Founders did not envision the need for these actions because the world had never been involved in engagements of the type we are involved in today.
There is a clear need for an amendment to the Constitution that outlines when actions of these types can be taken, with limitations on our involvement.
The Nation should not receive its marching orders from the United Nations, especially since it is the U.S. military that is carrying the lion’s share of the effort.
Our court system has also made its contribution to the dissolution of the Nation’s sovereignty by injecting or relying on other nations’ laws when evaluating some cases. It would be interesting to find out how many nations take our laws into consideration when they are evaluating a situation when an American is involved.
Even some of our justices on the Supreme Court have suggested that we should take other nations’ legal positions under consideration when evaluating a case; these are the same people that have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.
The Executive and Legislative Branches of the government are just as much at fault as the Judicial Branch; they have operated with little concern for the dictates’ of the Constitution.
We need the three branches of government to pay more attention to the letter of the law, and it would be nice if they also paid attention to the spirit of the law.
There is a good possibility that our Nation would not be in the fix it is in today if our government applied the principal outline in the Constitution.