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For Your Consideration: Diminishing Entitlements

Contributing Writer

There appears to be an inability to accept reality within the human species; granted one should not dwell on events that have a low probability of occurrence, but when there are indications that a negative outcome is likely the situation should be viewed rationally.
The Nation is facing a serious problem related to the entitlements that our political leaders have been granting us throughout a good part of the last century and continuing to this date.
The current situation is similar to many of the contracts that corporations have made with labor unions that found themselves in a position of being unable to comply with and having to file for bankruptcy.
The only difference is that the Nation has the ability to print more money, but doing this creates a whole set of new problems that have an even greater impact on the Nation’s economy.
What seems to have happen with both the corporations and our government is that they both failed to draw up contracts that were fiscally responsible and properly managed.
It would seem that their main concern was to resolve an immediate problem without taking into consideration the unintended consequences or changes in the economic environment77 down the road.
It may have been understandable when these contracts were first drawn up, but the corporations and the government should have taken a closer look at their contracts when corporations started to file for bankruptcy.
It may be true that all bankruptcy may not have been due to the contracts between the corporations and their unions, but it is possible that to some extent the contracts may have contributed to a corporations filing.
The concern that all citizens should have is with the entitlements the government has established as a safety net for the populace. It is doubtful that there is even one representative that is not aware of some of the impending problems within our entitlement programs, and yet there appears to be a lack of responsible action from our elected representatives.
Both political parties are doing their best to make the other look like it’s responsible for the mess the programs are in, and the diminishing benefits continue to impact the recipients’ of the programs. Yes, the impact of the government’s actions has been occurring for generations, and the politicians do not seem willing to address the problems in a rational manner; instead they have expanded participation and benefits in these programs.
Failure to attend to the multiplicity of shortcomings within the entitlement programs is only going to require more stringent actions to resolve the problems within these systems.
The electorate will have to accept the fact that there will be some drastic changes made to the systems if they are going to give citizens anything close to the implied benefits.
Given the government’s track record, it would be advisable for the government to develop a system that allows each person to establish an individual program that would permit a person a certain amount to be placed into an account for the purposes that the existing government programs are set up for.
Many citizens believe they could be more responsible than the government in managing their money, and are willing to accept that responsibility; one certainty would be that the contributions to the individual account would not be viewed as fungible.  
It is hard to shake the impression that the government is of the opinion that the money citizens earn in the private sector rightfully belongs to the government. 
Citizens appear to be more disenchanted with the growth in the public sector, especially in light of the bureaucracy’s inability to efficiently provide the services that they were established for. Government needs to go on a diet; it’s time to stop feeding it so many greens.