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For Your Consideration: The Ship’s Sinking

Contributing Writer

The Nation is sinking and the occupants and the crew seem to be impervious to the realities of the situation. Many of the occupants are complaining that they have paid for their steerage and expect to be taken to their destination.
The crew is concerned that the shipping line is not going to live up to the contracts that were entered into when they signed on with the line.
The fact that the ship is sinking as a result of the gaping hole in the side of its hull, appears to have no impact on the occupants and the crew, even the ship’s captain appears to be only moderately concerned with the realities of the crisis.
One would think that the prime objective would be to make the ship sea worthy enough to make it to safe harbor.
The point being made is that we are all going to have to put up with a lot of pain to get the Nation back to being a viable structure to take us into the future; if we fail to address our problems the ship will sink and very few of us will realize any of our expectations.
The government has made many promises that it’s not capable of keeping, it has failed to construct contracts that allow for fluctuations in the economy and environment over time, but this approach is not unusual for politicians; their only concern appears to be granting favors that will ingratiate them with the voting public, regardless of the unforeseen consequences of their actions.
The shortcomings of all the previous promises are coming to a head, and our leaders are unwilling to admit to the short slightness of their previous actions.
One gets tired of hearing government continually ask for more taxes to resolve the problems that the politicians and the agencies they have created suggest that this will resolve the problems we are facing.
These very same people give lip service to cutting out waste and corruption in the government, but how often do we see real constructive action taken to eliminate these problems? 
When action is taken it falls far short of a real corrective action; the person is usually moved to another department, or is allowed to resign with a bonus.
If government really wanted to send a message the individual would lose all benefits and not be allowed to reenter government service; this would send a message to all violators if it was applied consistently.
The government does not deserve the public’s confidence, and the electorate should demand that its size should be reduced until it can show that it can operate efficiently; this is not a party issue, both parties are guilty of poor management procedures. Government may not be a business, but that does not mean that it should not apply many of the same sound management principles that are utilized in the private sector. 
There are government agencies that could be turned over to the private sector, that would, in all probability, function more efficiently and with a cost effective result.
The bilge water (the debt) is pouring through that hole in the bulkhead faster than the bilge pumps can take it out: it’s time the captain, crew, and passengers got their priorities in order, failing to do so will result in the sinking of the ship. As passengers we should be demanding that the captain and crew take immediate action to correct those problems. There are solutions: we just have to come to the realization that our current mode of operation is only intensifying the existing problems.