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For Your Consideration: Killing The Middle-class

Contributing Writer

One would think that the human species could find a terminology that would not lead to misconceptions of their fellow man, but it would seem this is the language that needs to be used to describe a person’s economic or social condition.
In order to limit and define the scope of this subject three terms will be used: unemployed, employed, and employer. A harmonious society would be one in which the individual could advance to any position that would accommodate ones’ aspirations, which may not be related to the acquisition of money, power, or material possessions.
Given the structure of most societies it’s evident that a certain amount of capital is required to maintain ones’ existence.
One would hope the individual would rather be self-sufficient and not place any burdens on ones’ fellow citizens while attempting to reach their state of self-fulfillment, if it can be avoided.
It appears the government is intent on denigrating employers; additionally, it is also establishing policies that are designed to inhibit their ability to function in a profitable manner.
It’s pointless to debate the reasoning behind this administration’s actions; regardless of its motivation, the eventual outcome will be a society that has been fundamentally changed, if the electorate fails to recognize the dangers in the course the Nation is taking.
Employers are people and they are just as diverse as any individual; it would be incorrect to paint them all as greedy money hungry businesses. Businesses have a variety of motivations that are reflected in their operation, the one constant is the need to make a profit; how this profit is utilized may give some idea of the motivation behind the business. It’s natural for any business to want to be the best at what it does; this motivation is a means of keeping a business honest. Honest competition will eventually weed out businesses that show little concern for their employees or customers. Government frequently interrupts this natural process by picking winners and losers through legislation or the awarding of contracts, a concept that has been labeled “crony capitalism.”
The rational course of action for any entrepreneur during uncertain economic times is to fortify one’s position until the business environment becomes clear, not to expand. This is the position that many of our businesses are in today, and the administration is asking businesses to expand while it creates more government programs and legislation that will have a negative impact on them. It’s clear that the government has no concept of how businesses function, because it is asking businesses to function in the same manner as government. Government just asks the taxpayers to contribute more of their hard earned dollars to resolve the problems caused by its faulty programs and policies. If the employee thinks that the government’s dysfunctional policies and programs are only going to impact the business owner negatively, that worker needs to wake up and face reality.
Employees, regardless of their position, are an integral part of any business; when the government does something to impede a businesses’ ability to make a profit, it is going to have a negative impact on the employees of those businesses. The government’s growth, along with the programs in health care, expansion of welfare, food stamps, unemployment, and Social Security programs are all going to have a negative impact on every working individual. If the electorate is incapable of understanding these simple basic economic facts then our country is going to be forced into a depression by the government that is supposed to be there to protect us from such disasters. There are many aspects of our society that need our attention, but the economy is one that needs to be put at the top of our list; there are ancillary aspects that can be addressed while putting our economy on a sound footing.