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For Your Consideration: Drone Production

Contributing Writer

One is tempted to question if the government’s trying to achieve full drone production, not the kind that the military has been employing to strike at targets that are considered threats to the nation’s security; the drones the government appears to be programming are the citizens.  There was a concept floating around during the early part of the last century that the masses should only receive enough of an education to perform the tasks that were required to enable the industrial revolution to succeed. The impression that this policy is still in effect today is hard to reject, only the aim has changed. When one views the actions of both political parties, it would appear that there is a strong effort to get the electorate to accept and support a party’s philosophy, not to resolve the problems that the Nation is facing.
Naturally, the most logical place to start this indoctrination is in the public schools, with a strong emphasis directed towards the very young.  The implementation of this concept is a prescription for a nation’s economic failure, but it does enhance the probability of a dictatorship. The ideal position is one that allows for t he full actualization of the individual, but that would mean the government would have to back off from its efforts to direct the course of the Nation. This was the dream that our Founders had for the nation, but man’s quest for power and control over others has raised its ugly head, putting the Founders’ vision in jeopardy, during the intervening centuries. 
When a government takes an authoritarian approach in its development, it is more than likely going to squelch any discourse that does not agree with the government’s position; this behavior is incompatible with a vibrant expanding economic culture.
A vibrant culture needs people that will question the procedures and methods used to accomplish the goals of the society. 
There is not a system developed by man that cannot be improved; the species has too many flaws to work through, and believing that
any system we have in place is the best that can be attained is only an affirmation of one of our major shortcomings. 
The realization that each individual is unique should lead one to understand that our problems can only be resolved by allowing the individual to develop without being impeded by some autocratic doctrine. 
Living in a society does require the observance of certain rules, but these rules should be kept to a minimum; this would mean rules should be applied in such
a way as to give a degree of harmony to the society, but not limit the development of the individual any more than necessary to attain a reasonably stable culture.
One might be tempted to imply how this system should be structured, but that would be an assumption of knowledge that is beyond any individual’s understanding at this point in the species development.
One thing is abundantly clear; the current system that the government is
pursuing is contrary to any constructive vibrant social paradigm. 
The Nation does not need any more drones; it’s in need of independent free thinkers, just the kind of person that a centralized government would like to do away with.
The electorate needs to take a good look at how it is being manipulated by the media, pundits, and government. 
Never stop questioning the government’s actions and motivation behind those actions.