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For Your Consideration: Diversity

Contributing Writer

Diversity is a natural occurrence in nature; this axiom is expressed clearly in the human species.
The problem with many humans is that they are driven to compel segments of the population to fit into their structured framework; this endeavor will lead to the same result as sealing a pressure cooker while it’s placed over a raging fire.
There are aspects of diversity that can be disruptive to a culture’s functionality, and there is need for some sort of mechanism to keep theses dysfunctional activities in check.
It’s important to allow for as much diversity as possible without destabilizing a culture. There is no quick or easy solution for establishing a highly functional dynamic society that allows for maximum expression and still continues to improve on its functionality, but this is the only course that is open to the human species if it desires to find its true potential.
Governments have shown over the centuries that they fall short on their ability to allow for the expression of diversity within individuals; this shortcoming may be responsible for the inability of the species to escape the cyclical rise and fall of governments throughout the ages.
What’s so disheartening is the fact that the Founders of our nation gave us a blueprint that would help this nation break the cyclical paradigm that all nations in the past have followed.
One really has to question the wisdom of the human species when it continually submits itself to the same tragic ending time after time, even when it has a well thought-out plan to follow. 
One might find it very instructional to survey the Nation’s founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and the principles that lead to the wording in these documents.
Government was never intended to be the focal point of our system; the thought of the Executive Branch having the power that it has acquired over the past generations would not have fit into either of the two documents that were intended to preserve our nation. It would be interesting to see how many elected officials would hold up under Article II, Section 4; this is the section that addresses impeachment.
One might be inclined to think that willfully ignoring the Constitution would or should be considered treason, and there should be little difficulty in showing bribery through-out all levels of government.
Think about the oaths that all elected officials take when they accept the responsibility for the position they have been elected to; they are required to protect and defend the U.S. Constitutions and the state’s constitution when that applies.
The electorate should start to do some soul searching before the next election. It would be irrational to think that any one administration could correct all the problems that have introduced into our governmental system, but a responsible electorate could help to move our representatives in the right direction. This task is going to require an overhaul of our educational system and a better understanding of the principles behind our Founding documents.
Responsibility for one’s life should rest with the individual, not with the state. One should not expect all individuals to have the same outcome in life; that expectation is illogical given the wide diversity between individuals.
A person should only have the assurance that they can attain what they are willing to work for and have the abilities to attain. Every society has individuals that are physically or mentally incapable of maintaining a reasonable level of existence; these individuals should receive assistance from the society they are a part of. This assistance has been extended to too many individuals that are not willing to apply themselves to maintaining their existence; these individuals should not be given the same consideration as those that are truly incapable of supporting themselves.
This latter group of individuals should be required to contribute some value to the society that is supporting them.