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For Your Consideration: Caesar

Contributing Writer

Some Christians will cite Jesus’ reply to the Pharisees when he was questioned on paying taxes to the Roman Empire (Matthew 22; 15-22). His reply was “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s: and unto God the things that are God’s.”  This is often used as a justification for government’s ability to collect taxes.
There is just one thing wrong with this justification, there had never been a government established like the United States until our nation came into existence; with the establishment of the United States a new type of government took form for the first time in man’s history. 
The basic concept was that there should only be enough government to assure the protection of the Union and to address difficulties that were beyond the scope of local communities to attend to; the individual’s freedom of expression was considered to be an essential ingredient to the newly formed nation.
Over the generations since the birth of the Nation governmental agencies, at all levels, have been extending the scope of their activities; this expansion has placed a heavy cost on the individual’s freedom. There appears to be little inclination by the electorate to question the value or validity of the incursions being made by the various governmental agencies.
The electorate should also be questioning the motivation behind the actions taken by the political leaders that are supposed to be representing the electorate.
The value behind knowing the motivation related to the actions being taken should be helpful in designing legislation that will inhibit actions that do not serve the public in the manner set forth in the Nation’s Constitution. Given the growth in government the electorate might consider drafting legislation that designed to eliminate some of the more abusive activities; if care is taken in selecting the abusive action it could
have a wider impact on other exploitations taking place throughout the governmental system.
The Nation does not need a Caesar, but the government sometimes acts like its Caesar and has the right to extract as much capital as is needed to keep its realm in place while expanding power over the electorate.
The electorate has developed a mindset since the Nation’s inception that the individual is here to serve the government, instead of the government serving the individual by protecting the God given rights from infringements by others.
The populace is in danger of setting the stage for a real Caesar to be established if they don’t start to put things back to their proper order. Stop and think about all the areas of one’s life that are controlled by the government; it is true that our society has become more complex over the centuries and it’s understandable that there is a need for more legislation than was in place at the birth of the Nation, but has our government’s infringement gone too far?
The current administration is reluctant to make any cutbacks in manpower and even seems amendable to the unionization of public employees; this is an alarming trend given the debt the Nation is taking on.
The Nation is overdue for a reality check; the electorate should pay more attention to history and the current state of many nations around the world today. It is not as though the Nation is covering ground that has not been explored before, is the electorate so misguided that they are unable to see the folly in continuing on the course being pursued?