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For Your Consideration: It’s the Wrong Question

Contributing Writer

The question that is being put before the electorate, again, is “Are you better off today, than you were four years ago?”, but is this the question that we should be asking?  The question is being directed towards the individual, and many of these individuals are receiving Federal subsistence, which is creating a heavy tax burden on those that are contributing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The question that we should be asking is “Are the actions we are taking helping to make the Nation fiscally sound?”, it’s imperative that we have a clear concept of the consequences’ resulting from the actions being applied to resolve the Nation’s problems.  
It’s difficult to arrive at a clear understanding of the Nation’s fiscal condition when so much of the data being presented is manipulated to put the administration in a positive light, even the rhetoric that’s presented throughout the media is slanted to a degree that it has almost no relationship to reality. The real focus of the electorate should be on the impact the current administration’s actions are going to have on the Nation’s fiscal status. The President’s message appears to be a continuation of the policies that have been presented during the past three and a half years; many people are convinced that a continuation of these policies could place the United States (U.S.) in the same position that Greece finds itself in today.
The Nation’s life blood has always been the result of the entrepreneurial spirit within the private sector, but this spirit is being squelched by many of the actions being taken by this and past administrations.
The private sector cannot continue to support the excesses of the public sector, and the continual growth in the support system for individuals that are unable to maintain a basic level of subsistence.
At the rate of growth in this group needing support the reality of the Nation’s fiscal condition is going to have an impact much sooner than had previously predicted. The media has discontinued its coverage of conditions in Greece; one has to question if this lack of coverage is due to the comparisons being made between Greece and the U.S. and the potential for having many of the same disruptive action within our country.
The government has been ignoring the Nation’s debt for generations, and it has found some very innovative bookkeeping practices to hide the Nation true fiscal condition. What is really disturbing is that our culture has lost its ability to control its spending; the charge card has contributed to this inability to
behave in a fiscally responsible manner. Some people have come to the realization that their debt must be reduced, but there are still a large number of people that are not aware of the dangers threatening our society. 
Our representatives are supposed to represent us in a fiscally responsible manner, but the debt that they have managed to run up is one clear indication that this is not their intent. Until the electorate wakes up to the fact that there is no free lunch, and that the indulgence shown by our representatives to satisfy all our diverse wants is only pushing us deeper into debt, which taxpayers’ make payments for out of their pockets.
There is a real concern over the electorates’ ability to grasp the serious potential economic collapse that the Nation is facing; if this condition is not averted it will have the same impact as the Great Depression.
This is not a time for the electorate to be worrying about trivial wants; failure to grasp the basic economic elements that have supported our system for generations will lead to a total collapse of our system. Politicians are reluctant to talk about this dilemma because it would mean that they would have to talk about the actions they would be required to avoid a collapse, and they fear the electorate would not tolerate the required actions. 
One can only hope that the electorate would have enough sense to grasp the real danger the Nation is facing.