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For Your Consideration: A Hypothetical

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One needs to go beyond some actions to determine the motivation for the actions; the demonstrations occurring in many Islamic nations over a trailer that was produced in this country, that is supposed to be demeaning to the Islamic religion, is a good example to illustrate this position. It is unlikely that a trained intelligence specialist would consider the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya as spontaneous. The realization that these actions were planned is becoming more apparent with the passage of time; some of the indicators related to this conclusion are as follows: the event took place on 9/11; the attack on the American consulate was carried out by individuals that were heavily armed; the secret safe house was known; the actions taken by the terrorist would indicate that the ambassador was a part of the primary target; the speed at which other Islamic nations reacted to the trailer would indicate that most of the communications required for this assault had already been put in place.
If the position presented can be accepted as reasonable, then one has to ask why these actions were taken. One’s attention would be directed towards Iran, because this nation is behind most of the unrest in the Middle East as a result of support given to various terrorist groups throughout the region. There are a number of factors that make this an opportune time to initiate the strategy being employed.
The event is being held on 9/11, which is a message that the movement is alive and well; it also has the added benefit of boosting the emotions of the participants in the terrorist activities. 
The inclusion of the trailer as an additional emotional arousal element for the religious adherents to Islam; this adds to the numbers and intensifies the emotional impact. Israel has been expressing great concern over Iran’s efforts to create an atomic weapon; there are some indications that Iran is very close to achieving their objective.
Israel is trying to get the President to establish some marker that he would consider making a move on Iran to keep it from fulfilling its objective.
The President is either unwilling or unable to make any commitment on this point.
The fact that we are going to have an election to determine the Presidency of the Nation for the next four years adds to the uncertainty and tension in making a decision of this type.
Iran has created a condition that is making the Nation act like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.
The events that have taken place make any move by either Israel or America, with regards to any military action, more difficult.
One more additional point should be made; there was a reason to use Libya as a focal point. The Ambassador in Libya was a popular person with many Libyans, and the terrorist viewed this as a hindrance to establish an environment that would be conducive to gaining control over the region.   
The U.S. has contributed to the current condition as a result of its actions over the past three years; there have been intelligence specialist that have been warning that we were addressing the Muslim problem incorrectly,
but these warnings have been ignored. Iran has greatly enhanced its position of meeting its objective to attain a nuclear weapon.
This is what happens when one’s wishes are mistaken for reality. If this hypothesis is correct the Iranians have pulled off a very nice coup.
It would seem that the Nation’s strategy is lacking when it comes to dealing with the prime threat to our security; we have shown a complete lack of understanding when dealing with the reality of the problems facing us, on a number of levels.
One hesitates making any predictions of the outcome of this dilemma, given our track record.