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For Your Consideration: Self-induced Insanity

Contributing Writer

The concept of continually relying on government to resolve society’s problems is a clear indication that the human species has a serious problem with its logic construct; this fault is not restricted to the United States or to the current generation. 
Societies throughout history have continually made this same mistake; one would think that at this stage of man’s development there would be some effort to correct this faulty theory.
The Founders made a good faith effort to point us in the right direction, but many of our elected representatives throughout the Nation’s history have done their
best to eradicate the value of the documents that were intended to guide us in our development.
When one views the polls that are supposed to represent our attitudes on various positions, they present a clear dissonance in our logic construct; one should not expect the species to be flawless in its decision making process, but to continually behave in an illogical manner defies any rational explanation.
The electorate continues to put representatives in office that appear intent on destroying individuality and freedom.
The politician has become very adept at convincing individuals that all of their problems are the result of actions by other groups within our social structure, and that the government can resolve these inequities through legislation.
The problem with their claim is that they fail to include themselves as one of the prime offenders in the matrix they have presented.      
The electorate knows the government is dysfunctional, and yet they continually look to the government to resolve the problems that have been created by the very people we are asking to help us; is this not dysfunctional? 
The legislators continue to spin their webs with new legislation that is left open-ended for the bureaucrats to manipulate in ways that were never intended.
Most of the problems that are created by our government are know, but the resolve to correct these shortcomings does not fit in with either party’s objective --- the acquisition of power.
The growth of power in the public sector is growing out of control, this fact is changing the relationship between the electorate and the government bureaucracy; the electorate is now perceived as a servant of the bureaucracy.
If this transition is not apparent to the electorate by now, then one can only conclude that there is a total lack of attention to what has been happening in our society. The nation is rapidly moving towards the same state that many western European countries find themselves in today. If we fail to take responsibility for our actions then we are going to find ourselves in the same unsustainable position that currently exists in many European countries.
All the nation’s problems are self inflicted; they are the result of a total lack of rationality in our decision making process, and this may be our last opportunity to make corrections that will save us from a total economic collapse. It’s going to require more than a change in the administration; remember that both political parties are out to gain control of power, that power must be placed back in the hands of the individual.
Limits will have to be reapplied on government’s actions; there will have to be a reestablishment of the principles in the Constitution that our Founders passed down to us. The Nation can’t afford the system that it has put in place; if there are any citizens that still do not understand this, then they must be living under a rock.
The reality of our economic state can no longer be denied; it’s time to stop listening to the Sirens’ song of the politicians, the rocks should be in clear view to most of the electorate by now.