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For Your Consideration: Questions

Contributing Writer

One should be asking questions continually, especially when it comes to electing representatives that will be managing the affairs of the nation. If one were to listen to the pundits and the mainstream media it would appear that the only thing the electorate is interested in is the economy. If this position is correct, then our society is in deep trouble; this view would indicate that values are of little importance to the electorate, is honesty of no importance to the electorate? 
It would appear that anything goes when it comes to campaigning for a political office, if we accept the falsehoods, lies, and misdirection’s by the prospective representatives, why should one think that the government is going to operate fairly when a representative is elected to a position?
We can all acknowledge that mistakes are going to be made from time to time, but for some reason most politicians are reluctant to admit to a mistake when one is made; often mistakes are the result of misinformation or incomplete data, but even in these cases there is a reluctance to admit a mistake.
Often it is the candidates’ handlers that are at fault for the lack of honesty, their advice is predicated on their understanding of the manipulative aspics that influence the electorate.
This manipulative behavior should be of concern to the electorate, the intent is to motivate voters’ emotions rather than through reason. This simple fact should disturb voters enough to educate themselves to the tactics used to direct the electorates’ behavior and attitude.
To make things more complicated “The Forth Estate”, the media, injects its bias into many of the public forums; this bias is harder to spot, but it can be ascertained by paying attention to the terminology used and the subtle connotations attached to the terms used.
There was a time that the media made an attempt to present itself as impartial, but over the past two generations this effort has become almost nonexistent.
One can no longer rely on the media to give a completely unbiased presentation of the news, even when the information comes from some governmental agency and is presented as a fact one needs to take great care in accepting the information sited.
Politicians will continue to use these available strategies to influence the electorate until the voter becomes educated enough to neutralize the emotive affect of the strategies being employed to manipulate the electorate’s behavior and thought.
If there was a real concern for the electorate’s wellbeing and development the nation’s educational system would incorporate resistant training to nullify the techniques being used to manipulate them. Many people have suggested that this is the most important election during our life time; it is almost certain to have a major impact on the future of the Nation, and there is a clear and distinctive difference between the two parties.
One can only hope that the electorate will put their emotions aside and let reason and logic guide their voting decisions.
The nation’s economy has devolved into an unbelievable mess; it is going to require a great effort to get it back on track and there are going to be some actions that will not be like, but there implementation will be necessary. The electorate will have to employ some delayed gratification if the Nation is going to balance its books and shore up the safety nets to keep some of the promises made to citizens by politicians.