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For Your Consideration: The First Amendment

Contributing Writer

One may tire of continually hearing the phrase “the separation of church and state” as a part of the U.S. Constitution; there is no wording in the Constitution that even comes close to giving any validity to this oft quoted phrase. The First Amendment reads in part: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”, this statement does not support the common perception of the relationship between the government and religion.
Given the fact that our Constitution does not allow Congress to make any laws establishing a religion, or to prohibit the free expression of religion, one could suggest that it is entirely up to a community as to the expression of a religion’s observance; it would be interesting to see how the Supreme Court would rule on this question.
There is a statement in the Constitution that suggest that anything that is not covered by Congress and not denied the states, that they may make pronouncements related to this area, but one would be inclined to think that the states would hold the same position as the U.S. Congress, if this were the case then it would fall to the populace, but not as a rule of law, only as an expression; this would appear to come under the freedom of speech.
The claim has been made that our Constitution has within its framework many of the principles of the Judeo-Christian religion; if this is indeed a fact, then it would be hard to deny the free expression of a religious holiday.
One finds it difficult to fault the basic principles that are expressed during the Christmas season; it would seem more appropriate to embrace these principles given the direction of our society. It would be a mistake to think that atheists do not have a moral value system; if this is the case, their value system should contain many of the principles expressed in the Judeo-Christian religion. It’s a shame that some of these atheists can’t accept the salutation “Merry Christmas” as a positive message, regardless of their position on the concept of God.  Evidently, there is still a large portion of the population that would like to have Christmas back the way it use to be; this concept of being political correct is starting to get out of hand, and the practice of preventing the freedom of expression because there are a small groups of people that are opposed to an action or expression is getting to be more than a little out of kilter. If this is part of the fundamental change in our country, it is a change that many of us can do without. Here’s hoping everyone will have a good old fashion “Merry Christmas”, it might even be a good time to think of the messages behind the reason for this holiday, including all the positive feeling that are intended for our fellow man.