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For Your Consideration: The Melting Pot

Contributing Writer

It is doubtful that there is any other nation on the face of the earth that has as diverse a population as the United States; in the past this was considered to be a plus for the nation, but there have been changes in our society over the intervening generations that may negate the positive aspects of this diversity.
Pundits continually point out the past when selling the concept of the continual expansion of this diversity within our borders, but they fail to consider the changing elements over the centuries that have changed the impact this expansion will have on our society.
Before the birth of our Nation there were wide expanses that could support a much larger population than what existed on the continent at that time.
The land appeared to be open to anyone that had the drive to settle this new world. The western hemisphere suddenly became an outlet for many western European nations and those individuals that were willing to brave the hardships of the new world to start new lives in the unexplored land.
Nations viewed the new world as a potential means of growth and wealth in an environment that did not require going against well established nation states with large armies; the natives were of no real consequence to these western European nations.
The natives were soon displaced, subjugated, exterminated, or integrated by the new comers. This process continued for at least three centuries with many fluctuations, at this point there started to be some semblance of stability in the formation of new states or countries, this process continued into the twentieth century.
The pundits that are for the expansion of immigration often conveniently ignore the early stages of the hemisphere’s development, they ignore the fact that there were no social programs to care for immigrants, or a government that turned out
more regulations than any individual could comply with given their scope and complexity, King George would be a blessing in today’s society.
Present day inhabitants seem to have forgotten that this land belonged to the natives, and not to the northern Europeans or Spaniards.
The reasoning would suggest that it was alright to take the land from the
natives, but not from the Europeans that invaded the new world,
With the passage of time there have been many changes in our society’s configuration that make it impractical to allow for a massive
influx of immigrants into our country. 
There is still plenty of land, but most immigrants tend to congregate in will established large cities where there are social programs that assist immigrants in their introduction into our society.
The hardships and self-reliance are no longer a part of establishing a foothold in the new world.
Language has also become a problem, for the first time the nation has made allowances for Spanish speaking people; making an exception with this one language is an insult to every other
nationality, and it does not help the furtherance of the melting pot concept.
It’s clear that one cannot make comparisons with the past to justify the immigration the nation is experiencing.
There are Middle Eastern nations that have laws that differ from ours, and there is talk of recognizing the application of some of these laws within our legal system; the insertion of these laws into our current legal system is going to create problems for our society, but many of our leaders appear to be unconcerned with the impact that these inclusions will have on our society.
Most of these changes are the result of politicians attempting to gain more political power, or to enhance the wealth of many of our larger corporations.
It’s time to slow down and look at what impact many of these actions are going to have on the stability of the country.