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For Your Consideration: Gun Control

Contributing Writer

It would appear that gun control is another hot topic for the current administration, but one that does not have any easy solution. The administration seems intent on tightening the access to guns, but there’s also strong opposition to some of the actions the President would like Congress to take.
There should be some concern voiced by the electorate over many of the actions that the President is calling for, many of the actions being suggested will do little to curb the types of situations that have created this frenzy over the use of guns.
The Second Amendment to the Constitution may be doing more than addressing the right  of the citizenry to bear arms; it reads as pillows: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
This would seem to indicate that the framers of the Constitution were more concerned with the citizenries’ ability to resist any efforts to infringe on a states freedom. One must remember that it was a given that guns could be used to hunt for food, or to protect oneself from harm by others, the use of arms for these reasons were considered to be a given in the early days of our nation.
Are we missing this point because of a lack of understanding, or is it that there are some segments of society that would rather we don’t pay attention to the valid concerns that many of the framers of the Constitution had in the early days of the Nation’s formation? 
States had a real concern about giving up their freedom in the formation of the Nation; it was a union of states that was formed for the common good, but in the intervening years the Federal government has become a massive bureaucracy that has gradually eaten away at the rights of the individual states.
It would appear that this is something that many in government do not want to address when talking about the right to bear arms.
This administration is making every effort to increase the size and scope of the Federal government, pointing out the real intent of the Second Amendment may present some serious problems to the administration’s efforts to extend its power.
In moving the train of thought away from the original intent of the amendment there is an effort to get people to think of the Seconded Amendment in a way that it was not intended to be employed, but the scope of this implication goes far beyond the right for citizens to arm themselves, it encompasses the rights of states and the concerns the founders had over the expansion of the Federal government. The Constitution will only be meaningful in protecting our freedom if the full scope of its meaning is taken into consideration when the Supreme Court address the cases that come before it, one gets the feeling that this method is no always applied by the Supreme Court when making its rulings. 
There are a number of issues that are disturbing about the debates related to gun control; the first thing is the lack of attention to the wording of the Second Amendment and complete disregard given to the oath that all of our political leaders have taken when they assumed their office, there does not seem to be any concern with their lack of attention to defending the Constitution, the only thing that is important to them is that if any action is taken that it be taken by Congress, but congress is not adhering to the wording in the Nation’s Constitution. The second thing that is disturbing is the fact that decisions are being made from a purely emotional perspective without any consideration as to the effectiveness of the actions that are being suggested.
It is impossible to prevent actions of the nature that have precipitated these actions, most of the actions are designed to impact individuals
that are trying to be responsible citizens, while the criminal is allowed to continue unimpeded.
If there was any real concern over the unlawful use of guns laws would be designed to impose stricter sentences for criminal offenders that use weapons in the commission of a crime, and apply these sentences consistently across the board; the criminal needs to know that he or she will be held responsible.
It’s time we started to pay attention to the Constitution and to stop reacting emotively, logic and reason when applied with the Constitution as a guide will help us come to workable solutions.