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For Your Consideration: Prescription for Dissolution

Contributing Writer

It would appear that the Nation’s political leaders are intent on destroying the country; this might be a stretch to say politicians want to destroy the country, but their actions which are designed to enhance the power of one or the other political parties is having an impact that will lead to the destruction of our society. 
Societies around the world seem intent on evolving into a single governmental unit that directs all activities within a nation, this tendency frequently leads to an individual making decisions for the society as a whole; this quest for power has always ended in the downfall of the society that has attained this goal.
The problem with this approach is that it kills individual initiative; this is the hallmark of every vibrant society, but the acquisition of power in the hands of a centralized government, a group of people, or a single individual is counterproductive to a vibrant growing society. 
Our Founding Fathers appeared to be aware of this fact when they designed the Constitution which placed the individual in control of his or her destiny, but our political leaders appear intent on ignoring this axiom because it impedes their quest for power.
The politicians are buying power with the money that they are extracting from the producers in the private sector; the public sector can only survive if the private sector is capable of supporting it.
When the public sector grows beyond the private sector’s ability to support the public sector the society will implode. It is not only the overall growth of the public sector, but the additional growth of the entitlement programs that are supposed to help or support citizens with some of their basic needs that they are unable to fulfill on their own.
The dependency that many of our citizens are developing is growing rapidly; these programs are being structured to be easily accessible to citizens, this is causing a rapid growth in these programs.
The actions that are being taken by the government are creating fiscal problems for the Nation, and the methods that are being employed by the government to hide the debt that is building up is going to hit us like a ton of bricks within a year or two.
Our government is acting in a very irresponsible manner, the actions by the citizenry are predictable, and we should not assume that our behavior will be any different than other countries that have gotten themselves in this fix.
One should not assume that the citizenry in this country are going to react in a responsible manner when these very same people cannot see the problem that is growing before their very eyes.
The ideology we are following has been expressed by many nations in the past, and is currently being followed by many nations in the world today; the outcome is always the same, and yet we continue to follow this path to destruction. 
Make no mistake, if we fail to turn things around we will implode; this warning may sound too radical, but it is only being presented at this time because the lead-time for a correction is getting extremely short.
Our governance should not be directing its efforts to enhance any political party’s quest for power; it should be motivated to establish a fiscally sound and vibrant economy that will create
an environment that will allow the individual to move vertically in our social structure according to one’s drive and aptitude.