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For Your Consideration: Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

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One would think that the electorate would get tired of hearing the politicians gripe about the waste, fraud, and abuse that goes on at all levels of government. It’s beginning to look like the general public is satisfied with the actions of a government that is more concerned with the political parties’ acquisition of power than in conducting themselves as responsible stewards of the revenues collected from the general public in a variety of ways.
The governments methods of extracting revenue from the public are almost endless; the average person just homes in on the major forms of taxes, but some of the other less noticeable charges have as much of an impact as  the once a year charges that are levied by a city, county, state, or Federal government.
The governments try to sell themselves as being concerned about the general public, and that the individual's needs can be addressed more efficiently by the government than by the individual. If this view is correct it is an indictment on the educational system that the government is providing the citizens with.
There are not many government agencies that could compete in a pure capitalistic system; true competition would have most government agencies dying on the vine.
Government has inserted itself into every aspect of society, including those corporations that the government is continually disparaging as greedy business that are intent on taking advantage of the public, they are a convenient scapegoat for diverting the public’s attention away from the real culprit.
The support that many of our corporations get from the government is, in some cases, related to the contributions that are given to a particular party or Congressional representative; this activity comes at a cost to the taxpayer, whether direct or indirect.
The government is continually trying to convince the public that it’s making investments with the tax dollars it extracts from the populace, but it appears that the government’s track record is not much better than many of its other endeavors.
It’s difficult to say whether these results are due to being products of the very same educational system that has failed, what appears to be, a sizeable portion of the population, or is it strictly a diabolical scheme to enhance the government’s power and control.
It’s apparent that many of our representatives put very little time into studying the bills that are placed on the floor for passage, this may be in part due to the number of bills that they are required to go through, most of which are designed to satisfy some special interest group. It seems that most of these bills get passed as a gift to a representative so that the gift will be reciprocated at a later time.
If it is not clear to the average electorate that our government is not very efficient, then the only conclusion one can come to is that the average voter just is not paying attention to the actions that are being taken by the government.
The thing that is so disturbing is that the electorate does not realize how the government is continually eating away at their hard earned money, money that many would find a more productive use for if it were left in the hands of the individual that earned the money in the first place.
The government should not get into investing; its record clearly shows that it is not qualified to manage the sums it has committed thus far.