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For Your Consideration: U.S.A. Corporation

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There are some people that think the government should be run like a business, but there are some problems with following this line of reasoning to its fullest extent. For the most part individuals can refrain from buying a product or service, but this option would not be very practical if it were applied to government’s services.
There are some principles that could be applied to the public sector, and our government would be more effective if it utilized some of these basic principles. 
The government’s primary function is to provide essential services to the general public, that can’t be provided by the state or local governments; the problem with this position is the use of the term essential, this term often becomes very subjective.
Another element is efficiency; this aspect may encompass such things as cost effectiveness, and the degree of functionality.  Corporations tend to hold their administrators accountable; this is something that is often demanded by stockholders. 
Setting aside the collusion that appears to be rampant between much of the government and many corporations, the previous mentioned principles could be applied within the government, making it more efficient and effective; a good starting point would be to establish some policies that would hold administrators accountable. 
It’s clear that workers in the public service sector are not held to the same standards as their counterparts in the private sector.
One has to question just how incompetent a public service employee has to be to be discharged from government service, it would seem the “Peter Principle” is alive and well within the government. The only option the stockholder (the electorate) has is to refrain from putting politicians back in office that fail to correct much of the legislation that is contributing to many of the problems our nation is facing.
The only thing that is keeping the Nation afloat is the government’s ability to tax and the Feds’ ability to print money; the nation cannot continue on this course, and the distressing aspect about this situation is that as time goes on the options open to resolving these problems are dwindling.
Lately some politicians have suggested that the government is too big to be managed by the President, if this is the case then it is time to cutback drastically on the size and scope of the government’s activities, something this administration appears reluctant to do. The government is currently dealing with three problems of its own making, this does not fall totally on the President; this can also be shared by Congress, because it is responsible for the legislation that has opened the door for many of the public sector bureaucrats to take actions that do not conform to good management procedures.  If the electorate continues to elect people on their likability factor, then we had better simplify and reduce the size of government so our leaders can cope with it. Even if the government did not pass any more legislation for the next generation, it would have more than enough work to keep it busy with the corrections that need to be made in our system. The United States does not need to follow the lead of other nations around the world, we need to get back to the basic principles that our Founders set for us. Both political parties have developed a mindset that they have the right to tax citizens to support any project that they feel will be good for individuals , regardless of the real need for the project. It is time to set the individual free, the government has its place and it is not to assure the individual a life free of strife, but to create conditions that will allow the individual to attain a lifestyle that is commensurate with the individual ability and drive. if you feel the country is on the right track you can support this corporation by buying government bonds, that would be the same as buying stock.