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For Your Consideration: Ironic

Contributing Writer

If one were to pay attention to the government’s public announcements, it would have come to the attention of the individual that the government has a spot that suggests that the public should discourage any bulling when it is encountered, the site can be gotten to by going to 
Given the wide range of actions by the government that have the appearance of being heavy handed with certain segments of the population, one might suggest that there should be a change in the wording to read, “Stop government bullying.” 
The investigations into the three major problems seem to be bringing out even more problems within our government, and there are many more areas that have an additional potential of creating problems for this administration.
The promise that the President made to “fundamentally change America” is beginning to concern many citizens; this is not quite the change that many people were envisioning.
It is becoming clear that the electorate should disregard the rhetoric and pay more attention to the actions that are taken by the administration; this position should have been taken a long time ago, not just for this administration, but for a number of previous administrations.
The government has grown so large that it is difficult to assign any responsibility to an individual or department when something goes wrong, and this fact is made full use of by the politicians and the bureaucracy, add to this the growing use of the parsing of words and terms and it becomes almost impossible to assign any fault to the various segments of the government. 
The electorate should not be surprised at the direction the government is going in, our Founders were aware of the dangers associated with the growth of government and gave us a Constitution that would protect us from mans’, seemingly never-ending, urge to rule others.
There are forces within the government that are more than willing to render the Constitution ineffectual because it stands in the way of these forces from gaining control of the individuals life.
It is very discouraging to see many of the same people that take oaths to protect and defend the Constitution turn around and do everything they can to ignore and weaken the very document they have sworn to protect; this tendency is evident in all three branches of government and in both political parties. The President, to his credit, has suggested that the Constitution is a document that is out of date, but no one will hold him to his oath. One would suspect that this position is held by many of our elected officials, but they are less inclined to express their feelings, and content to ignore this document that is intended to protect the individuals freedom. It would appear that this document is too complex for most of our elected officials to comprehend, granted it is complex and to understand the true worth of the document one must go beyond the words to find the true meaning. Most politicians are content to start with the wording and then twist and parse the words within the document.
The question before the electorate is, do you want to be a free individual or do you want to be ruled by other? Don’t delude yourself into thinking that the government is working for you, for the most part it is working to establish its own power. Don’t be fooled by the cloak the government wraps itself in; it is not here to serve the individual.