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For Your Consideration: Accountable Actions

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Evaluating a person’s performance can be difficult at times; one problem that frequently arises is the lack of understanding the failure of a person to take action when a situation requires it. There are a wide variety of management styles, and it would be a mistake to say that any one style is better than another, one has to take into considerations many variables when applying a management style, but each style can be evaluated by the results that the style yield within its environment.
Past Presidents have each had their own style, but the current President has a style that is radically different than any Presidents that the Nation has had in the past one hundred years; this may be due to the environment that he functioned in for a number of years prior to entering politics.
This style may have served him well in the community organizing environment, but it’s questionable as to its effectiveness in the current environment.
The President appears comfortable applying the rule of omission to many of the problems that the Nation is facing, there is even a suggestion that many of his aides are intentionally keeping him out of the loop, if this is true, one has to question who is running the country ?
It has been suggested that by keeping the President out of the loop that it is affording the President some deniability, but this maneuver only tends to weaken the administrative qualities that many expect from the President of the United States.
The fact still remains that all the President’s aides have been selected by him because they tend to reflect his position in the areas that they have been assigned to.
One may not be able to put the smoking gun in the President’s hand, but the association is still there.
The problems that have surfaced in recent weeks may very well increase in the coming weeks; the inconsistencies and contradictions are beginning to unwind.
The President cannot escape responsibility from the choice of management styles; this may not concern the President, but it should concern the electorate.
Polls would seem to indicate that a good portion of the population is against many of the actions that are being taken by this administration, but this fact does not seem to be impacting the President’s popularity at this point. Some may excuse the President for many of the problems that the nation is facing, but this does not exempt him from responsibility as the chief administrator of the country.
One may draw some conclusions as to the purpose of the actions being taken by the administration, but this line of reasoning is a waste of time, it is enough to say that many of these actions have not improved conditions in the country. It might be tempting to suggest that it is entirely the President’s fault, but this type of thinking will do nothing to help the nation correct the problems that exist within the government.
Two things appear to be evident: the government has gotten too large, and there are too many actions are being taken without any consideration of their impact or need.