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For Your Consideration: An Alternate Perspective

Contributing Writer

The President has a way of presenting images that suggest that our society owes everything it has to the government, but there may be another side to the one-sided view being presented.
For the most part, the government is a consumer of the fruits of the individual producer in the private sector, and would have nothing to give if it were not for its taking from the producers of products and wealth.
Government’s primary contribution is in the management and coordination of the various governmental systems to help them perform in a manner that is beneficial to the components that make up the whole. If the citizenry were to do a critical analysis of the government’ s ability to perform the functions sited above, one suspects that it would receive a failing grade and its services would be terminated. The President’s position that individuals did not accomplish what they have without the aid of others is correct, but it is a misnomer to suggest that it is due to the efforts of the government; if anything the government has done more to inhibit the advancement of the individual than it has to help.
Many of the functions that have been taken over by the government could be accomplished with greater proficiency and in a more cost effective manner. The satisfying aspect of having the private sector conducting a number of these functions would be that action could be taken to dismiss them if they failed to meet expectations; this form of management would also help to put many of the operations back into the proper perspective, That management is there to serve the public, rather than the public serving management (government).
The electorate has allowed their political representatives to turn the system on its head, and the only people that will benefit from this maneuver are politicians, lobbyist, and the capitalist that are going along with corporate cronyism.
Eventually, a ruling class will evolve; this will lead to a dictatorship that is supported by the producers, but it will be an unwilling servitude.
One has to question if a good part of the electorate has completely lost their minds, that they are unable to see that a complete reversal of the system that our Founders put in place to protect the individual’s rights is taking place right before their very eyes.
Just consider some of these facts:  Washington D.C. is not experiencing a slowdown in growth; housing prices are going up rapidly; unemployment is low; incomes are going up; and benefits are still improving. It is doubtful that there are any other population centers in the nation that can match the Capital’s explosive good fortune.
It seems like there isn’t a week that goes by that a new problem doesn’t crops up related to the government and how it is spending the taxpayer’s money, but nothing is ever done to correct the problem, nor is any action taken to discipline the officials that have perpetrated the abusive actions. 
The picture that is being presented here is not fair, because it is implying that these problems are restricted to the Federal Government, and that would be an improper image to leave the electorate with; these problems are systemic throughout every level of government.
The frustration that many people have with what is happening to our country is that there are so many citizens that don’t see what is going on, or that they are unconcerned about the direction the country is going in.
The Founders knew that it would take an educated population to protect the system that they created, but those that seek power have little interest in educating the electorate, their aim is to indoctrinate, not educate.
The last thing the populace should want is to place the responsibility of educating the population completely in the hands of the Federal government, and yet this is what the educational system has evolved into; this trend has moved into our schools of higher learning. The government has done a fine job of creating drones. Question everything before it is too late, even the things you think you know.