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For Your Consideration: Problem With Democracy

Contributing Writer

One definition for Democracy is as follows:
The doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group, another way of putting this statement is the majority rules.
One can go carried away with this concept; just picture a situation where an elected official can tell you that you had to drink exactly eight glasses of water a day. It is doubtful that there would be many people that would accept this decree as rational, but many democratic nations are not too far from employing illogical positions such as the one presented in this example, and many of these pronouncements are made by appointed bureaucrats, not elected officials.
The U.S. Constitution was designed to give the individual freedom to determine his or her course in life, but this aspect is continually being eroded away by both political parties in their quest for power.
There appears to be some concern over the steps taken by the Egyptian military in light of the course of events in that country; some people applaud the military’s action given the change of position of the elected officials once they attained power through the ballot box.
The President of Egypt wanted to ensure his party’s future power by initiating a new constitution. This is one of the shortcomings of the democratic concept, it can lead to a dictatorship unless the populace has a clear understanding of the principles that are going to govern the system, but that would require an educated rational populace, something that appears to be lacking in many nations, if not all.
The electorate in the United States has failed to grasp the basic ethos of the U.S. Constitution; it would appear that most of the electorate has become ensnared by the battle of party politics, which has little or nothing to do with the intent of the U.S. Constitution.
It may not be too much of a stretch to suggest that there are some elements of what is occurring in the Egyptian government may also be occurring in our government.
The President has gone around the Congress to accomplish many of the things he wants; this is not to suggest that the President is acting illegally, but thanks to many of the laws our Congress has passed over the centuries that have ignored some of the basic principles of the Constitution, add to this the U.S Supreme Court’s rulings that have also contributed to the quandary the Nation finds itself in today.
The President has suggest that he wants to “fundamentally transform the Nation” , the problem with this statement is that it does not clearly define what sort of changes are going to be made, but he has suggested that the U.S. Constitution is out of date and should be brought up to date. It would be nice to get a lot more specificity from the President before jumping on the bandwagon.
Many citizens are beginning to distrust government at all levels, regardless of the party that happens to be in power at the time, and the more one delves into the machinations of the political system, the more convinced a person becomes that the skepticism is warranted.
Some people have called this a progressive period, but in truth it’s a regressive period that mankind has played out throughout its history.
The real progressive program was the one that our Founders gave to us at the birth of the Nation, something that no other nation ever had, but this document denied the acquisition of power to a group over the freedom of the individual. This appears to be a good time to take a pause before stepping into the abyss.
The electorate has been sold a bill of goods over the generations and it is time to take a critical look at the true reasons for the sales pitch that the electorate has been bombarded with over the generations.