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For Your Consideration: Feeding Frenzy

Contributing Writer

Does the current political party realize that it is chumming up the waters with the actions that are being taken by the administration?  If this administration thinks that all the problems it has created will go away by the time of the election, it may be in for a big surprise; the mainstream media may ignore them in its coverage of the news, but there is a broad section of Independents and Republicans that are keeping score and will be more than happy to present these blunders to the public at an opportune time.
There should be no surprise to find that there may also be some Democrats that are seeking reelection that may also find it beneficial to disavow some actions that they were persuaded to support in the past. Many of these actions will be contrasted with some of the rhetoric that the administration has used in the past, the contrast between the acts and the rhetoric may have more of an impact on the electorate than the administration is expecting. The hallmark legislation of the administration’s first term, “The Affordable Healthcare Act” appears to be yielding a cornucopia of goodies for opponents to latch onto.
There are a wide variety of people and organizations that are having second thoughts about the feasibility of this program, and the numbers appear to be growing each week, this trend will continue as more and more shortcomings become evident.
The President continues to try and sell the public on the idea that this is a good program, in the interim the various bureaucracies involved with the program are continually inserting new rules that seem to be mudding the water even more than it already is. This is just one area that the President’s rhetoric matches his deeds, he did say that he wanted to spread the wealth, but he neglected to say that in spreading the wealth the middleclass would be the first to suffer, this is what happens when our leaders don’t understand Economics 101.    
The latest groups to express displeasure with the healthcare act are various unions that feel that they were mislead. The unions have voiced their opinion that the administration has let them down, and that they expect the President to correct this situation given all the aid they have extended to the Democratic Party during recent elections. 
The rhetoric that the unions are using would suggest that they want special treatment, after all isn’t that how things work in Washington D.C.? Some have suggest that the only way that this legislation could have gotten passed through Congress was to grant many of the representative factions goodies that had nothing to do with the healthcare act, and to grant independent participants benefits that would enable them to profit from the bill’s ratification. With all the machinations that this legislation has gone through and its impact on a number of elements in the private sector it is safe to say that this legislation will yield more ammunition for the opponents in the coming months as more phases of the bill are enacted.
There’s a question as to how far the President can go before the actions of the administration start to be associated with the President, the electorate is starting to take a closer look at the actions being taking and paying less attention to the rhetoric. The problems that this administration has caused are starting to pileup, and it would appear that they are not going to fade into the background just because the mainstream media has discontinued its coverage of the various problems. Whenever there is a potential for any group to acquire a power structure there is a good reason for citizens to be very critical of the structure that is developing, regardless of the type of structure. The acquisition of power appears to be a common theme in man’s history. One would think that the human species could add two and two and come up with an answer other than three or five after six thousand years, domination is not the answer, the answer is education, acceptance of responsibility, and respect for others.