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For Your Consideration: Racism Revisited

Contributing Writer

It’s highly improbable that man will eliminate racism completely from the various cultures around the world, but there are actions that can be applied to lessen the negative impact on those cultures. There will always be segments of a culture that will find it advantageous to use racism to gain some advantage within the culture.
It’s regrettable that this tactic is employed most frequently by political leaders within our culture. There are two important points to keep in mind when dealing with racism, the first is the fact that its application is applied to a group, the second is that racism is not a one-way street, those individuals that are claiming to be victims of racism have their own set of racial prejudices.
It is important to remember that it is the content of the individual that should be the primary focal point, it is a mistake to apply a negative trait expressed by an individual to a group that the person may belong to.
There is a considerable amount of irrational thinking being exhibited by individuals that have steeped themselves in racism, one of the common grounds used for reparations is the abuse suffered by some ascendants of a race at the hands of another race, even though none of the members of either race are currently alive.
The sins of one’s father or mother should not be transferred to their children, it’s up to each individual to make their mark in life, any other position is illogical, but it’s found quite frequently in a variety of situations that don’t even involve racism. This example clearly points out one very important aspect of racism, faulty thinking, and yet it’s perpetuated in our culture by politicians, teachers, and leaders within many communities.
The species will never advance as long as it continues to permit faulty thinking, but it’s not advantageous for many individuals seeking to acquire power to eradicate faulty thinking. It’s improbable that faulty thinking can be totally eliminated, but the species should be able to do a better job than it’s currently doing, it’s difficult to understand how the electorate can continually allow many of the nation’s leaders to treat a large portion of the populace as if they were stupid.
The electorate should learn to be a more critical in their thinking, this is going to require a person to pay more attention to the wording that is used when a person it trying to sell them a product, and many of our politicians are selling us snake oil, and they are getting away with it.
If we are ever going to reduce the racism in our nation we will have to concentrate on the individual person and not the grouping that the person may falls into, and make a reasonable effort to improve the value of each individual, not for personal gain, but to enhance the value of the individual and in turn to move our culture to a more rational point.
Grouping traits may have some value when entering some environments, but these groupings should not be applied to each individual that one meets.
A person should try to treat every individual with respect, until that person fails to return that respect. Our nation’s Constitution was designed to put the individual in a position of control, that is why it was laid out with three branches to prevent any one branch from attaining too much power, but this aspect is being turned on its head, and the Administrative Branch has been navigating itself towards being the primary source of power, the states and individuals are being relegate to a position of little or no power within the system, and many of our states’ elected representatives appear to have no problem with this position. It’s time to stop the abuse by our elected representatives.

The original op-ed published in 2010...

For Your Consideration: Racism
Friday, 30 July 2010

Contributing Writer
Racism, discrimination, prejudices, and bigotry has been, since the beginning of man’s recorded history, an integral part of his collective behavior. 
Americans are well aware of this behavior; it has played a prominent role in our affairs since the Nation’s formation. It would appear that in our attempt to eradicate this poisonous behavior, we have initiated actions that have only tended to perpetuate the very existence we were attempting to eradicate. 
There are certain facts that must be brought out if we really desire a reduction in this dysfunctional behavior. The first thing that needs to be realized is the fact that it is a dysfunctional attitude and behavior that resides within the individual, and no amount of legislation is going to change this behavior by the individual; it will only inhibit the outward expression of the dysfunctional attitude, and will in all probability intensify the dysfunctional feeling within the individual. 
The second point that needs to be made clear is that it is highly improbable the species will ever completely eliminate this maladaptive behavior.  
Only rational thought within the individual can lessen the intensity of this behavior; regretfully, we don’t seem to be very adept in developing this ability. 
The racism charge has been used frequently to deflect opposition to many of the President’s programs; this tactic may divert attention from some of the objective objections to legislation that is being proposed by the President, but it may increase racial tension, which should not hold a place in the discussion. 
The question of race should not be given any sway in any discussion of the problems related to the legislation that the President is attempting to get passed. 
To use racism to deflect a constructive discourse is going to do more harm to our Nation than any honest discourse that might ensue. 
This tactic should not be given any weight by those attempting to have a discussion on the shortcomings of any legislation.
Another tactic used by individuals looking to continue racial problems is to claim that our system is unfair because a minority is underrepresented within a given occupation when compared with their distribution in the population.  From a purely statistical point of view this may be true, but this approach does not account for technical skills or educational levels; clearly, one’s evaluation needs to go beyond a statistical distribution to arrive at a rational solution to the problem. 
Can you envision going to a professional major league team and telling it that it needed a personnel distribution that reflected the racial distribution of the population?  
One can only wonder what kind of a response you would receive from the members of the team and management.
There is another ploy used by those employing the race card; this tactic involves the lack of education provided to the poor or underprivileged minorities. 
This ruse does not hold water; this lack of education appears to be growing in all segments of our population. One possible explanation for this could be that a “real education” does not hold the same value as it once did. 
It seems there is more of a concentration on holding a diploma than on the internalization of meaningful information. 
There also appear to be more reliance on contacts than on one’s abilities and skills. One should not be expected to give a position to an individual that has not acquired the basic skills and education needed to function within that position, to frequently this appears to be the end result.
If we continue in this vane it is certain that racism will persist in our country; this is not a condition that we can afford if our intent is to stabilize and grow our Nation in a wholesome environment. 
An honest effort must be made to evaluate the real problems within our society, and it is extremely important not to overlook the individual’s responsibility in the assessment of this dysfunctional behavior.  
Hopefully, we will become more attuned to the manipulations that are applied by dishonest individuals, and not allow their tactics to distort the truth that resides within the individual. 
One final point; one should not be held responsible for the actions of their ancestors or members of their race; this view should go in both directions. It is the individual’s actions and attitudes that should be appraised.