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For Your Consideration: Defund Obamacare

Contributing Writer

There has been talk of defunding the Affordable Care Act; it appears that there may be a groundswell building within the electorate and in some public unions; this should not be surprising, given the manner in which this legislation came to execution.
It was constructed by a small group of individuals, many of whom were not members of the House, but by members of the Democratic Party, there was no effort to involve members of the Republican Party to participate in the bill’s construction so that it would have a bipartisan acceptance, but the Democrats knew they had enough votes to pass the bill in both Houses of Congress if they could get all members of their party to vote as a solid block.
In order to accomplish this, the Speaker in the House and Senate made a number deals and promise, some of which had nothing to do with the Act itself; to add to this the bill contained over two-thousand five-hundred convoluted pages that gave a number of bureaucratic agencies involved with the Act the ability to insert additional requirements, that were suppose to make the Act workable, to this point these agencies have added an additional thirteen thousand pages that have made the program even more convoluted, and it would appear that these agencies are far from finished with the contributions they are making to the Act.
The Act could have been killed when the U.S. Supreme Court made its ruling, which resulted in a split decision and Chief Justice Roberts ruled that it was a tax, making the Act Constitutionally correct; the problem with the ruling was that the Administration was saying that it was not a tax. This legislative Act has been twisted every which way to get it to the point it’s at today, and yet it’s still not ready for prime time.
The move made by the President to delay the employer’s mandate for one year, which would have become active on the 1st of January 2014 disturbed a number of legislators in Congress for various reasons; one of the main reasons was the fact that this change should have been made by Congress, not the President, but in the view of the President the Constitution is too limiting.
Another aspect that was disturbing is the fact that his decree carved out the small business community and employees. The House tried to correct this action by passing two bills, one that used the original langue in the Act for the mandate, and the other which moved the activation date forward one year.
The Speaker in the Senate tabled both bills; the biggest problem with this action is that it was condoning the President’s action by taking this action, it would appear that the Senate does not want to concern itself with the U.S. Constitution either.
Every state in the Union should have called for a new speaker of the Senate at that point, because the Speaker was relinquishing the power of the states, which was given to Congress by the Constitution, putting party politics over one’s oath to protect and defend the Constitution appears to be an antiquated concept in government these days.
With the approaching date for another continuing resolution, a substitute for the budget that our Congress has been unable to come up with for five or six years, the House is considering defunding the Affordable Care Act for one year, in an effort to correct the actions taken by the President, and that the Senate has been unwilling to correct, but there are some concerns that the Senate and the President will not accept the House’s plan and that will cause a shut down in our government; the Republicans are concerned that they are going to be blamed for the shutdown. There are a number of factors at play here, the major one is the fact that the President does not want to lose the revenue that will come in as a result of the actions he has taken, but if he accepted the House’s continuing resolution that’s just what would happen. The President is concerned that the groundswell that is developing over this health care plan may grow to a point that it will be unstoppable, nor does he want to put big businesses back in the mix before the election because of the impact this may have on the donations for the Democratic Congressional seats for the upcoming election. Both parties are concerned about how their actions are going to affect their control; neither party is showing much concern for the wellbeing of the Nation or the Constitution that they have all sworn to uphold. The plan to allow this ill conceived health care legislation to implode on itself will be a costly and disruptive course to take. There are aspect of this legislation that need to be addressed, but this can be accomplished without this legislation in a more cost effective manner, and with less intrusion on the nation’s economic system; just consider the savings that would be realized by eliminating the sixteen thousand IRS employees, along with all the associated cost that will be incurred to support their functions within the health care arena. The savings in this one area, in all probability, will more than cover the cost of one of the worthwhile aspects of this legislation. This is not legislation designed to improve the nation’s health care; this legislation is being initiated to empower the Federal Government, more specifically the Administrative Branch, and to relegate the other two Branches to the trash heap. Most of the organizations that supported this legislation in the past did so because they had lobbyist that carved out a deal for the organizations that they represented, some of these organizations are having second thoughts about the support they have given to this legislation as more parts of it comes to fruition.
The general public does not have a lobbyist that can represent them effectively, the electorate will need to contact their representatives, while they are home on Summer break, and let them know where they stand on this legislation; just consider the impact this legislation has had on one area, the job market.
One can only hope that the electorate sees this legislation for what it is a grab for power.