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For Your Consideration: Straight Talk Part II

Contributing Writer

To simplify the presentation of the manipulative actions that are used by various organizations and agencies this article will restrict itself to the actions of the government, but one should not limit the actions to just the Federal Government, they are actions that are being employed at all levels of government.
It would appear that a majority of our representatives are not interested in following the guidelines of the United States’ Constitution, which they have sworn an oath to protect.
Our representatives want to serve, but it’s questionable as to whether that service is directed towards the general public; their service, more often than not, appears to be directed towards satisfying the needs of some special interest group that will help them stay in office.
Sometimes their efforts can be sold to the general public as being good for them, and the representative will be perceived as helping the average citizen, and still derive the financial contribution from the primary component. 
These actions are being taken by our representatives almost always lead to an expansion in government agencies and the regulations that they pump out on a daily basis; this in turn leads to a greater cost being placed on businesses and organizations that have to comply with the additional regulations, the resulting cost of all these actions are passed on to the consumer or taxpayer.
The electorate needs to understand what the total cost of all the legislation that is coming through the government pipeline; the problem with this approach is that the information will not be forthcoming from the government, one may be able to discern the impact, after the fact, by looking at the increases within the agencies that are impacted by the legislation, but that is only going to give you half of the representation of the problem, one still has to glean how the legislation is impacting the private sector.
It should be clear that there is going to be a greater cost to the consumer that will be levied by the government and the private sector, but there may also be a reduction in the services to the consumer; in the meantime there will be a contraction in businesses that are in the private sector as a result of the reduction of expendable capital available to the consumer.
These actions by the government are going to have an impact on the Nation’s economy in both good and bad times, but they can be disastrous in an economy that the Nation is currently experiencing.
The government has continually suggested that the electorate should not be concerned about the debt, and that the sixteen trillion dollars is nothing to be concerned about, but that sixteen trillion is going to turn into seventeen trillion in September, one can be certain that the administration will do its best to down play that figure when it is forced to acknowledge it.
The real truth is that this figure is not even close to the real picture of the state of the government’s fiscal position, the true picture would indicate that our debt is closer to ninety trillion dollars, and there’s a possibility that this figure might be on the low side.
Apparently the government is unconcerned with the state of the Nation’s economy, because it continues to come up with programs that will increase the Nation’s debt, and that are not designed to address the problems in the programs that they are supposed to help, but for the uninformed they appear to be good programs, and consequently the uninformed will voter to continue the illogical approach that this administration is embarked on.
If the President is insistent on following the course that he has the nation on, then maybe it would be better to have the government shutdown, which he is threatening to do if he does not get what he wants.
It would seem that there are more than a few Republicans that are concerned about how a shutdown would impact their reelection chances, one would hope that they would be more concerned about the fate of the Nation, rather than what it might do to hurt their political position.
The electorate needs to look beyond the smoke and mirrors that the government has been putting out to hide the true picture of the Nation’s economy before it’s too late.