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For Your Consideration: The Republican Establishment

Contributing Writer

It appears that there are some people that are expressing some concern over the conflict developing within the Republican Party, but this split should not be unexpected given the evolution that the Party has gone through over the past generations.
The best way to approach this evolution is to look at what appears to be a natural development for any group or organization, which is the tendency for these establishments to expand and increase their power base which will enable them to exert an influence that will support their existence into the future.
This natural tendency is in direct conflict with the United States’ Constitution, which was designed to protect the ability of individuals to exercise their maximum freedom as long as that expression did not impede or harm another individual or the general good order of the society.
The reason the United States has been considered exceptional is due to the Nation’s Constitution which put few limits on the individual to develop freely with very few constraints, which allowed for a broader expression of concepts, which in turn gave our nation a dynamic life force that no other nation on Earth has ever had.
The fullness of the concept put forth in the Constitution has never been completely adhered to, but the nation still managed to express some of the benefits that the Founders envisioned for the nation, just think of where we might be, had the Nation followed the spirit of the plan given to us by our Founders.
Apparently the real difference revolves around the positions expressed by the establishment within the Republican Parry and some newcomers that want to bring the government back to the dictates of the Constitution, regardless of the party affiliation; it is regrettable that there are not more members of Congress in both parties expressing.
The Nation has arrived at the current state due to the actions of both political parties since the beginning of our formation, one may suggest that major changes have occurred more frequently under Democratic leadership than under Republicans, but both parties have made their contributions to the condition that exist today.
The electorate really is deluding themselves if they think by supporting the expansion of any government establishment that they will maintain the type of freedom intended for the individual through our Constitution.
The parties are deriving their power as a result of crony capitalism and catering to special interest groups, this last grouping comprises a wide variety of group Evidently the political parties could not accomplish their goals without limiting or infringing on the individual’s freedom. The tension that is being expressed within the Republican Party is related to an effort to move the government back to a position that is more aligned with the Constitution; this would require a reduction in some of the functions and programs within the Federal government, which would also entail a reduction in the government’s workforce.   
One may conclude that the term that the Democrats are using to express their position is truly correct, they claim to be a progressive party, and this term clearly demonstrates that they are intent on our nation following the same course as all previous major world powers.
There are some individuals that would be pleased to take on the label of “regressive”, and would relish the opportunity to take the nation back to the basic principles that are found in the Constitution.