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For Your Consideration: Global Warming

Contributing Writer

There has been a rather large segment of the population suggesting that the planet was going through a major climate change that would have a disastrous impact on the earth and that this change was primarily man’s fault due to the hydrocarbons from fossil fuels, this position has been presented with increasing intensity for the past three to four decades. 
The government over this period has produced a massive quantity of legislation to curb the use of fossil fuels to reduce the hydrocarbons that go into the atmosphere, and now that their prognostications are becoming questionable the government is no longer calling the event global warming, it is now climate change, but it has not eased up on its demand to reduce hydrocarbons.
The South Pole’s ice cap appears to increasing in density and the North Pole’s mass, in area, has increased to about 900,000 sq. mi. in a relatively short time, there is no point in presenting some of the ominous predictions that some people are giving as a result of this turnaround that the Polar Caps are experiencing.
One may suggest that the position of the Earth in relationship to other bodies in our solar system, especially to the Sun, may have some influence on our climate, the fact that the Sun has cycles of activity, just as the Earth has, would suggest that this body would influence our weather significantly.
The changes that occur in the Earth’s gravitational field, the changes in weight distribution due to plate tectonics, and mans’ constant manipulation of the environment are just a few of the obvious dynamic that are contributing to the planets ever-changing climatic conditions.
Now it’s also being suggested that the methane that is being released during fracking which releases methane gas, is contributing more to the global warming than that of the other fossil fuels, it would seem there is no stopping these people that are intent on killing the nation’s ability to supply the country with the wide variety of fossil fuels.
These very same people are more than willing to ignore the impact that their, so called, clean renewable energy is having on the environment, they fail to mention the number of birds that are killed by the wind generators that are spring up around the country or to mention the harmful chemicals that are employed to produce the solar panels that are taking up massive acres of land, prevent the growth of vegetation and preventing the earth from soaking up the heat during the day. The government is spending millions of dollars, if not billions, to develop a costly and inefficient energy source at a time that our economy is in shambles. It gets a little tiresome to hear these global warming advocates continually assert that most climatologists have reached a consensus that man and his use of fossil fuels are responsible for climate warming, as if this declaration made their position fact --- not a very scientific way to approach a subject that is having such a devastating impact on the nation’s economy.
These very same people make climatic calls that often don’t pan out, and yet we allow these people to influence our economy with their poorly constructed theories, is it any wonder that our country is in the shape that it’s in, but it would be unwise to fault the climatologists when it is really the responsibility of our government officials to exercise a little common sense, but that might be asking too much of our representatives.
Time has come to place the blame for the nation’s poor economic state on our Congress and the administrator, this L shaped recovery will continue as long as the current policies are kept in place by this administration, the administration has a complete lack of understanding when it comes to economics, it would also be a major oversight to ignore the contributions made by the Federal Reserve. The electorate needs to start educating themselves in some basic economic principles and making sure that the people that they are electing have a good grasp of the basic economic principles, instead of getting lost in the rhetoric that most politicians present to the electorate, which sounds good but tells use nothing.