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For Your Consideration: Tactics for Shutdown

Contributing Writer

There has been a great deal of speculation about who wanted the shutdown, but it was almost inevitable from the start that the country would go into a shutdown since both parties have been on a collision course for some time, and the Affordable Care Act and some of the President’s actions brought the matter to the forefront.
The President made changes to the Act, which was viewed as being inconsistent with the Constitution. To resolve this question the House of Representatives passed two Bills to make the changes he made conform to the requirements of the Constitution.
The Speaker of the Senate would not put the Bills up for a vote, the Senate’s actions were declaring that the President had the right to make the changes, which gave him authority that was not permitted under the Constitution, and by increasing the President’s power in this area, it diminished Congresses’ power. Since the House of Representatives is responsible for the budget, this action had a very real potential to create major problems in the future.
It would be hard to find fault with the action that the House took, but the Speaker of the House did not communicate what he was doing or why, without being able to communicate a clear and concise reason of the House’s position various members started to talk about different tactics.
It should have been realized that the Republicans would have to go to a shut down sooner or later and given the President’s previous action this was as good a point as any.
The President wants to raise the Debt Limit and continue to grow the power of the Administrative Branch, this is inconsistent with the position the House should be taking.
If the Republicans don’t learn to communicate in a simple, concise, and logical fashion, then the Democrats and the President will place the blame on the Republicans by using emotive langue that will sway large portions of the population, because this is the primary course of action for most people, especially for individuals that have gone through the public educational system for the past two generations.
The Republicans can get the message to the masses if they keep it simple and point out how the system is manipulating them.
The shortcomings of utilizing this approach is that in educating the public of how they are being manipulate the Republicans will have lost their ability to use this form of manipulation, but in the long run the country will be better off.
The President and the Democrats are counting on most Republicans will be more interested in maintaining their seats and will cave to the demands of the opposition for fear of being blamed for the shutdown of the government, but if the Party presents the facts to the electorate in an understandable langue and blocks the emotive positions prior to them coming out, then the electorate will have a clearer understanding of how they are being manipulated, in the end there is no choice because if the President and the Democrats have their way then all will be lost.
One only has to look at what the Administration is doing during this shutdown to try and amplify the results of a shutdown, they fear that the public will realized that the government does not need the bureaucracy that is in place, and the more it is pointed
out that this inconveniences is being contrived by the administration, the greater the dissatisfaction with the administration and its tactics.
In the past when the nation experienced these shutdowns the nation  did not experience these contrived inconveniences.
This threat of going into default has no possibility of happening unless the President and the Democrats force it to happen, this fact needs to be pointed out in advance to place the pressure on them, there is no sense in the Republicans taking blame for that too, when a default would clearly be the result of actions taken by the Democrats and the President. It’s about time the Republicans gave up their Wigs’ pall, and showed some concern for Americans that are not looking to game the system, and are willing to accept responsibility for their future, and make it clear that those individuals with real needs will not be ignored.
Some politicians have suggested that the ACA has nothing to do with the budget, this vies is disingenuous, given the impact that the Act will have on taxes, jobs, and growth of Federal and state agencies. 
The actions taken by the administration during the past year should have memories of the novel “1984”, it’s a little late, but it is not missing the mark by much.