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For Your Consideration: The Aristocracy

Contributing Writer

There has been developing, for a number of generations, a trend that our Founders tried to prevent in giving this nation its Constitution, regrettably the electorate has failed to understand the true meaning and intent behind the nation’s Constitution. This trend appears to have existed for most of mans’ recorded history, and the drafters of the nation’s Constitution were well aware of this trend, but for some reason this fact is not made clear when studying the Constitution, that’s if the document is even studied. The subversion of the Constitution started in the late 1780s’, these first efforts were small, but there were periods that initiated major programs which seriously undermined the intent of the Constitution. The power that was intended for the individual has gradually moved towards the centralized Federal Government, but this position has not negated the accumulation of power by local and state governments also.
The current administration has not tried to hide the fact that it considers the Constitution an out of date document, it has shown its disregard for the Constitution both in word and deed, but this is not unique to this Administrative Branch, the other two branches of government, the Supreme Court and both Houses of Congress, have all contributed to the dissolution of the Constitution. The Founders made it clear that the Nation would only survive if the populace was educated, and one important aspect of that education would necessarily include a solid understanding of the Constitution and the reasoning behind the amendments. One must consider some of the Amendments that were added to the Constitution, because the U.S. Supreme Court has not always followed the intent of the Constitution, any action, law, ruling, or statute should be evaluated with the U.S. Constitution and a state’s constitution in mind to assure that they conform to the documents that give our legislators the right to pass the laws that govern the citizenry.
It’s becoming clear that our representatives are establishing an aristocracy, and with the acquisition of power by the Administrative Branch, it would appear that the President would be the Supreme leader of the aristocracy. The titles that are given to the structure should not hide the intent of the structure. The public sector has a greater number of employees than any corporation in private sector, this may not be true if one were to count the number of employees that many of our large conglomerates have in other countries, but they don’t make any direct contributions to our tax revenue and if one were to consider those individuals that are supported by the government, it should be apparent that the country’s economy is headed for a complete collapse.
The government is selling the citizenry snake oil, if we continue to take this snake oil the patient is going to die. The people that were elected to serve the citizenry are carving out comfortable positions for themselves, while the average person’s lot continues to decline, and with the contraction of the private sector these conditions can only degenerate even further. One gets the impression that the electorate has a remarkable ability to ignore the conditions that are pushing the nation towards a complete collapse, it’s not clear if this is the result of their attention being misdirected, or if it’s satisfaction over receiving the scraps that the aristocracy pass on to the electorate, which we are paying for. It is not clear whether the nation can avoid the economic collapse being brought on by the policies the government has initiated, but it’s certain there will be no winners in the end.  It really does appear that the human species is insane, given the fact that we continue to follow the same course that all great nations of the past have followed. Is it a lack of education, or does the species harbor destructive genes?