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For Your Consideration: Objective

Contributing Writer

It’s extremely important when trying to resolve a problem that one has in mind the desired objective and to outline all the necessary elements needed to attain the preferred goal.
The President after winning the 2008 election stated in clear langue that he was just about five days away from fundamentally changing the nation, at the time many people thought that he was referring to the high minded ideals that he had espoused during the campaign.
It should have been apparent within a very short period of time that his intent was not to do away with the cronyism, correct the waste in government, or to treat each citizen fairly. One would have to conclude that the President has almost no understanding of economics, or that his intent is to change our form of government to something that is totally unrelated to the Constitution, the latter point appears to be gaining more of a following given some of the recent actions he has taken.
The President has never tried to hide the fact that he considered the Constitution a document that placed too many restrictions on the government, he supported these restrictions when his party was not in power, but that view evaporated once his party gained control of Congress and the Administrative Branch of government.
When the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives he started to take actions that would make this body inconsequential.
The President could not allow the House to exert its authority to manage the nation’s budget, and even went as far as to say that if the House did not agree with his programs that he would go around it, he did just that with many of his Executive Orders.
The president has managed to put the Republican House in a defensive position, with the help of the media and the Democratic Senate.
The Republicans appear to be more concerned with the upcoming election in 2014 than they are in saving the country from financial ruin.
The Republican Party is floundering like a fish out of water, due to their inability to neutralize the propaganda that is being employed by the Democratic Party and a major portion of the national media.
The House has six more weeks to get their act together, but it’s doubtful that it has the ability to develop an effective program to counter balance the Administration’s propaganda program, it would require the ability to know how the Administration would react to whatever the House would be proposing, and the ability to neutralizing those reactions before they were even applied.
The major problem with this approach is that there are too many politicians that have to show how smart they are, and the result would be that they would be putting their opponents on notice as to the actions that would be taken, consequently losing the element of surprise.
In the end the House’s objective should be one that is clear and concise, explaining the objective in relationship to the Constitution, and a full explanation of the impact that the various actions will have on the nation’s economic condition and the Federal government’s structure.
When considering the Republican Party’s makeup and its inability to put aside the power struggle going on within the Party, one would hesitate giving the Republicans a high probability of success in meeting their objective. The nation does need to get its debt under control, but the President has already made it clear that he has no intention of cutting back on the government’s spending or in reducing the Federal workforce; the intention is still to expand the public workforce.
This approach can not be allowed to continue, if it does the nation’s economy will be thrown into a tailspin.