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For Your Consideration: The Government Vs John Doe

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It would appear that there is a sizable portion of the media and public that have a misconception of those individuals that are objecting to many of the actions that the government is taking. The media has latched on to the term “Tea Party” that was first applied to the movement by Rick Santelli of CNBC, the movement is comprised of individuals from all political parties, its general position was to oppose many of the positions taken by the two major political parties. It would be difficult to ascertain how many proponents this movement has due to the fact that there are a number of individuals that are not associated with any established organization, but are in complete accord with a majority of the positions espoused by many of these organizations. The media and the Democratic Party were pronouncing the death of the movement after the 2010 election, but nothing could be further from the truth, in fact the movement has continued to grow as a result of the actions that the President and the Democratic Party have taken. People are becoming more aware of the impact that many of these actions are having on their lives, especially their financial wellbeing.
The message that is being sent by the advocates of this movement is that government is getting too large, and is intruding into too many aspects of the individual’s life. The Republicans are under the impression that this movement is going to help them, but the movement is just as opposed to positions that the Republican Party has taken.
The movement is not looking to establish a new political party, but it appears intent on brining our elected representatives back to operating under some of the basic principles that are espoused in the U.S. Constitution.
One gets the impression that this is a movement that is going to go on for more than just one or two elections, and it would be a mistake for the Republican Party to think that if it gets into power that the movement is going to die out; the movement is not supporting the Party, it is supporting the rebirth of the Constitution as the Founders envisioned it.
One might even suggest that even the august United States Supreme Court may start to receive some close scrutiny, given some of the rulings it has issued over the generations, which appear to be motivated with political implication, rather than following the spirit of the Constitution which they have sworn to protect. 
The movement has to thank our elected representatives and their excesses for awakening and motivating the electorate to the abuses that they have been administering for generations.
The movement is intent on educating the general public to the basic principles of the Constitution and the uniqueness of the document given to us by our Founders. It’s even probable that the movement will insist that the educational system actually educates citizens, rather than indoctrinating them.
This rebirth is going to take some time, so those that are inclined to support the movement should not be discouraged by the setbacks that are going to occur, it has taken the politicians two centuries to get us to this point, but with good planning and a proper education the movement should be able to make some major changes within a generation or two.
The movement should start to lay out a strategy that will accomplish the intended goal, at this point it appears to be more reactive, but it will have to initiate some early actions that will help to achieve the movement’s goal as soon as possible.
We know that the Constitution intended on placing the power in the hands of the individual, but it would appear that some individuals don’t understand that the term Government refers to all levels of government, not just the Federal government; this political privileged class must be rooted out at all levels of government.