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For Your Consideration: Private Vs Public

Contributing Writer

There appears to be a growing concern over the growth in government, this concern is not limited to the Federal government, all levels of government are experiencing this expansion.
There are some differences, and some similarities between the growth of organizations in the private and public sectors. Organizations in both the private and public sectors have a tendency to grow, especially in the bureaucratic components of an organization, but there are major differences related to the reaction and outcome of the tendency.
The private sector has forces in the market place that will extract a cost that can destroy a company if it gets too top heavy with a bureaucratic structure, an organization in the private sector needs to hold down its cost if it wants to be competitive with similar suppliers of goods or services, failure to maintain this competitiveness could mean the dissolution of a business; this competitive environment becomes even more apparent during a recession because most companies have already taken action to maintain a viable position with their competitors.
These constraints are not present within the public sector; the public sector has an environment that is even more protected than a monopoly, which also has some constraints imposed by the government. The government does not have to concern itself with outside competition; it makes the rules and apparently is unconcerned with any additional cost it incurs with the programs it creates, or the growth of the bureaucracy that manages these programs.
The electorate should burn into their brains one simple concept, the government does not give anything to anyone; everything the government is giving comes from the private sector. The government does not produce anything. The government has a wide variety of means to extract money from the private sector, which it redistributes to groups. The government has a structured priority for allocating the money it has extracted from the private sector, one can be certain that this redistribution is influenced by one major consideration, the assurance that the government will grow and maintain its influence over the population.
The government wraps itself in a cloak of a benefactor, but its true motivation is the acquisition of power at the expense of the individual. The only thing the government has to be concerned about is the publics’ awareness of the true motivation behind its deeds, but that problem is being addressed in our educational system, or lack thereof. There appears to be a real lack of understanding of the Nation’s Constitution, and basic economics, not to mention the fact that critical thinking is almost nonexistent.
The public sector has one major advantage that does not exist in the private sector, accountability, it would appear that members of the public sector can be totally incompetent and not suffer any consequences, unless the individual’s actions has damaged the establishment’s position of power. If the electorate can’t hold the public sector’s workers accountable, then it’s time to turnover many of the public sector’s functions to the private sector, and to reduce those that cannot be turned over to the private sector. Government has gotten too big, and is increasingly inserting itself into areas that should be controlled by the individual.   
The only method available to the electorate to hold government accountable is through the individual’s vote, but this implies that the individual has an understanding of the forces that are manipulating the electorate at the emotive level.
The voter only needs to concentrate on a few immutable facts. Government always hypes the benefits of a program and grossly. Question whether legislation gives individuals more control over control over their lives, or does it give government power over individuals. Does the legislation reduce the cost of government and reduce the number of public employees? These are just a few aspects that one should use as a guide when going into the voting booth, but this requires the voter to make themselves familiar with the voting record of an incumbent, or the position of a prospective candidate. It is becoming more apparent that the average voter needs to be receiving more of an education than they have received thus far, this should be an integral part of the nation’s educational system.
These aspects have an impact on each individual’s life, but they are treated as if they only have a short term impact.