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For Your Consideration: Another Spike

Contributing Writer

The President is getting ready to make his next move on his stated goal of fundamentally transforming this nation, he was not shy about telling the electorate that he felt the U.S. Constitution was out of date and that it should not be what governs the actions of our current political system.
The fact that a major portion of our population is totally unaware of the spirit that resides within the U.S. Constitution is extremely disconcerting, given the fact that the intent of this document was to place the power to determine one’s direction in life in the hands of the individual; the governing body was supposed to ensure that neither the governing body or any individual could negate the individual’s freedom to develop.
The President’s position is that the Administrative Branch of government should have the authority to determine what is best for the country and the individual, but in order to accomplish this all the underpinnings of the Constitution need to be destroyed, and the President is getting ready to make his next move by pushing for a new comprehensive immigration plan.
The government came up with a comprehensive plan in 1986 that was supposed to resolve the question of illegal immigrants within our borders, but like so much of the legislation that is produced by the government it was not complied with as it had been laid out, as a result the nation is back to going through the motions all over again, how many times will the electorate give the government a pass for its inability to enforce the legislation that it has passed? 
This situation is going to be a never ending story, with both political parties supporting its continuation, but for different reasons, none of which are to help stabilize the nation economically or socially.
The Republicans are doing it to help business with cheap labor, and the Democrats view it from the standpoint of increasing their voter base, neither group is looking at the damage that their actions will have on the nation’s stability.
The Republican Party is ignoring the fact that the nation already has a high number of unemployed individuals that are being supported by one or more entitlement programs, which the current administration appears more than willing to expand this trend, burdening the individual taxpayer with the additional mounting cost.
The Democratic Party  may be interest in expanding its voter base, but this administration is also interested in increasing the number of voters that have little if any understanding of the basic principles that are found in our Constitution, this makes it easier for the administration to initiate policies that run counter to the basic principles of the Constitution.
If one were to add the massive number of illegals to the number of individuals that have gone through our educational system for the past two or three generations that have not received any in-depth instruction related to the Constitution or critical thinking, it becomes apparent that the administration will have a clear path to undermine the Constitution.
Both parties are responsible for the conditions that exist today, and their main objective is the acquisition of power, the very thing that our Constitution was designed to prevent, the electorate will have to learn to evaluate legislative actions from the point of view of the Constitution, and strongly oppose any legislation that does not comply with the spirit of the Constitution.
The Congress does not need to revisit the question of illegal immigration, it needs to ensure that the 1986 comprehensive plan is complied with, without any adjustments for the additional illegal immigrants that have been add to our population since the passage of that legislation.
If there are politicians that can’t support this position then they should be replaced, it’s time to hold the politicians responsible for their actions, stop giving them a pass for things when they don’t go right.
When an individual in the private sector messes up the way our politicians have, they would be fired. 
All the operatives in the public sector that suggest that it is their responsibility when something goes wrong, but never experience any consequences just does not equate, it’s time to put an end to the “Peter Principle” in government.