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For Your Consideration: Responsibility; Accountability

Contributing Writer

It gets a little old hearing our political leaders and government officials saying that they should be held responsible, but seldom does one ever see them being held accountable, even when it’s clear that the government has gone and done it again, the responsible parties always seem to find some way to deflect the blame into the ether.
In the private sector if the CEO did something that damaged a corporation, he or she would be looking for a new job, most of the time. Some people might suggest that our elected officials are held accountable each election, but if this were true most of our elected officials would never see more that one term.
It’s evident that a good portion of the electorate has a very poor system for evaluating their elected representatives; this evident truth would suggest that the only way to correct this problem is to severely limit the actions of the government, as our Founders had intended to do in the beginning.
This practice should be applied at all levels go government, because the lack of fiscal responsibility is evident throughout our political system.
If the electorate does not want to spend the time and effort to evaluate what their representatives are doing, then at least limit their ability to spend the taxpayers’ money, this may even cut down on a lot of the cronyism. 
The government has spent enough money on getting the Affordable Care Act into operation that it could have probably taken care of all the essential ills that this program was designed to correct.
It would be interesting to see how many politicians would have approved this legislation if the cost was taken out of their benefits and salaries; it’s regrettable that we don’t have a system in place that would extract money from politicians that pass legislation that wastes taxpayer’s dollars.
The President is trying to sell the public on the idea that this legislation is going to help those in need of basic healthcare, but there are a number of items covered in this program that are not related to basic health problems that are beyond the individual’s ability to control.
The government appears to be suggesting to individuals that they can act in an irresponsible manner and the consequences will be taken care of by the government (taxpayer).
To some people the government’s actions may even be construed as encouraging behavior that is harmful to the individual and the soundness of the nation’s social system.
The answer to many of our problems can be found in the nation’s Constitution, but the President is intent on gutting the Constitution because it limits the power of the Administrative Branch of government, the electorate will have to put a political leader in the presidency that is intent on moving the country in the opposite direction than it’s currently going in.
This healthcare legislation needs to be repealed, and a way of addressing some of the major points of this legislation needs to be addressed in a thoughtful way that will address the three or four items of real concern.
There are proposals that have been submitted that deserve consideration. The approach to handling these problems should come in individual steps that put greater emphasis on the individual’s control over the account, rather than the government.
The last thing the electorate should want is for the government to get between the individual and the doctor, all one has to do is take a look at what the government has done to this program, do you really want the government to inject itself into your healthcare? 
This is one area that the individual needs accountability, and it is impossible to get that from the Federal Government, so let’s keep it out of our healthcare as much as possible.