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For Your Consideration: Let the Cream Rise

Contributing Writer

It should be clear to most Americans that the government’s system of administration is a poor model to emulate; there are a number of reasons for our government’s administrative system’s failure. 
One obvious reason for its poor performance is the lack of competition; another is related to the fact that there are very few actions that can be applied when individuals are found to be accountable for a poor performance. It should also be pointed out that many appointments are made to reward individuals for their political support, which frequently has nothing to do with the departments that the individuals are being assigned to.
Appointments, more often than not, reflect the ideology of the party in power at the time of the appointment, this action combined with the fact that it is almost impossible to remove an individual that has been assigned to a bureaucratic agency can lead to a very dysfunctional unit that has members with dissimilar points of view and goals.
The government has become the ultimate expression of the “Peter Principle”; the problem with this expression of the principle is that the government appears intent on pushing this principle to levels never seen before. This dysfunctional system cannot maintain itself for long; it will fall apart under its own weight.
It’s certain that our Founders did not approach this problem from the viewpoint expressed here, but from their understanding of the flaws within man, that have been expressed throughout the centuries in various societies, which lead them to the same conclusions being expressed here.
Their vision was of a limited government and a dynamic private sector, but our governmental system is intent on squelching the private sector, the very thing the government needs for its existence. What the country needs now is a dynamic private sector, which means that the government will have to reduce many of its unnecessary functions, along with the legislation that is impacting major portions of the private sector.
The private sector will make mistakes, but these mistakes will be corrected quickly if the government does not get involved in picking winners and losers.
The government has a habit of getting involved in the workings of the private sector, ostensibly to correct a problem, but this could be accomplished in a more efficient manner if the private sector was allowed to correct the problem naturally.  The phrase “government is not the answer, it is the problem” has been shown to be true countless times, and yet the electorate continually asks the government to resolve our societal problems; the electorate needs to change the way it looks to resolving problems, and one major aspect should be to limit government’s involvement to an absolute minimum.
The only thing that is keeping the nation on life support is the efforts by some states that are employing methods that go counter to the government’s approach, if there are any improvements in our economy it’s not due to the actions of the current administration.  Neither political party appears to be inclined to initiate sound solutions to the problems that exist in this country; they appear to be more interested in supporting activities that will enhance their political position and power in government, rather than addressing a number of root problems within our society. One major area that needs a great deal of attention is our educational system, but we will have to get rid of the concept that more money is going to resolve the problems in this area. There needs to be a reevaluation of the basic courses that enable the individual to expand his or her knowledge base. There appears to be a number of courses that are more designed to indoctrinate the individual than there are to train the individual to evaluate situations from a logical position, critical thinking should be a hallmark of all the information that is imparted to our children. This approach may put many of us in the awkward position of defending our behavior and attitudes. Our society needs to allow the creative forces within the individual to come out, and yet we seem to be creating a system that puts more restraints on the individual with each passing day.