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For Your Consideration: Covert Indoctrination

Contributing Writer

Seldom does the individual look at how they are being manipulated, especially when the indoctrination has been occurring over generations; evaluating the indoctrination process can be very enlightening.
The Federal government recently justified giving government employees a large subsistence for their coverage on one of the Obama-care policies even though employees’ income was great enough to exempt them from any subsistence from the government.
There are a number of major flaws in the position that the government has taken; one flaw is related to the true position of the government workers, they are all employed by the public or the electorate.
If one were to follow this logic, it would mean that the electorate and the government would have to ignore one of the basic concepts of our Constitution, and that is the fact that the electorate has placed representatives in their positions to serve the electorate.
This concept may be very difficult to comprehend due to the fact that the government’s position has been gradually increasing over the centuries. This shift in the government’s position has made some major advances during periods of concern by the public over the welfare of some portions of the population.
Many of our elected representatives have taken this basic concern and utilized it as a means of increasing their support from segments of the electorate, this has lead to a continual expansion of many programs that went far beyond the public’s intent, but the expansion occurred in drips and drabs over a long period of time, so the electorate took very little notice of it.
If the electorate fails to take notice of this trend, it will eventually lead to a dictatorship, and the basic principles in our Constitution that were designed to protect the individual will be lost forever.
The hunger for power that is being displayed by both establishment political parties must be curtailed as soon as possible. It appears that there is a growing segment of the electorate that is beginning to show their concern over the direction that our government is going in, some people have been classified as Tea Party supporters, but it is not a party, it’s a growing number of people that want the government to administer the government in conformance with the principles set forth in our Constitution.  Both established political parties are trying to label this growing segment of the electorate as radicals, this view may be justified, but our Constitution is a radical document because it’s the only document that has suggested that the individual should be the prime consideration when passing legislation, laws, or rules. A portion of the electorate seems to think that our elected representatives are in their office to give select groups special treatment, and this attitude is encouraged by many elected officials because it ensures them additional supporters. The system that we are gravitating towards will ensure the collapse of our economic system.
The government can’t be given the same latitude that is given to business in the private sector’ because it does not have the same constraints placed upon it as the businesses within the private sector; one of these constrains is the limitation of capital, a business will go into insolvency if it fails to manage its finances, but the government can always increase the taxes or fees that it collects, if that fails the Federal Reserve can put I.O.U.’s into bonds that are being held. The nation does not need any more politicians that seek office to enhance their own position, what is needed are representatives that are looking to cut the crony capitalism and waste.
There are a number of other methods that have been utilized over the centuries to get the electorate to accept the conditions that we have today, but one clear example of the direction that we are going in is the growth in the greater Washington D.C. area and the surrounding counties, while the nation is at a standstill this area is growing in leaps and bounds.
It’s time the electorate woke up to the fact that many of our representatives are not working for the average person trying to eke out a living, it’s time we told the established political parties that we have had enough, join the movement, you don’t need a label.