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For Your Consideration: Repeal Obama-care (D)

Contributing Writer

There are pundits that have tried to sell the electorate on the concept that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could not be repealed, but this is a flawed position.
It can be repealed, but it will require certain conditions for such an acting to become a reality. There are at least three methods that can be utilized to revoke Obama-care, but at least two of them will require a strong push by the electorate; the third option will require a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, this is one of the reasons the administration was so anxious to make appointments to the court system.
The administration is hoping that just making the statement that the ACA is now part of the law of the land will deter opponents from taking actions that might overturn the Act.
The first two methods would require a leadership change in the Senate, which would mean that the Speaker of the Senate would be a Republican and there would not be a block put up to present a motion to repeal Obama-care from being placed on the floor for a vote; this approach can be broken down into two scenarios, the first would require enough votes to pass the Senate, the second would require enough votes to override a veto by the President.
It would be preferable to repeal this Act as soon as possible to prevent any more harm than this Act has already inflicted on the nation. The options in this grouping would require a strong message by the electorate for either of these options to work, if the electorate fails to send a clear and concise message to our elected officials, then the chances for its success will be reduced.
It’s unwise to assume that the media is giving a true reflection of the positions held by the electorate.
The third approach would involve the U.S. Supreme Court, requiring the Court to find that an action or a number of actions that have been taken since the inception of the Act have gone beyond the allowable bounds of its original intent or stated purpose.
There have been a number of states that have appealed to the Court to review various actions that the President or bureaucratic departments have taken during the enactment of Obama-care.
The problem with this approach is that the Court has shown too often that it cannot be depended upon to adhere to the basic principles of the Constitution, too frequently decisions are guided by an ideological perspective.
The Court has another problem that tends to slowdown the deliberative process, the Court appears to hold off on decisions until it can get a feeling for how an action taken by the Court will be received by the electorate.
Obama-care is not only going to have an impact on the nation’s healthcare, it’s also having a major impact on our economy. This Act is anything but affordable, if this is not apparent to the electorate at this point, then one can only come to the conclusion that the individual has their head buried in the sand, or is just plain clueless. 
The administration has been suggesting that the healthcare system will work just fine when the bugs are taken out of the web site, the truth is that nothing can correct the system because it has been built on a lot of false assumptions, and to make matters worse it was wrapped in a cloak of a beneficial healthcare system, while hiding the fact that in reality it was designed to extend the power of the central government at the expense of states’ rights. The public has been duped into believing that the purpose of this Act was to get affordable healthcare policies for some thirty million people that did not have coverage, what the government is not telling you, this will not improve your healthcare, and that goes for the thirty million people that did not have coverage before. The electorate needs to take a very close look at this program and become cognizant of all the shortcomings that are an integral part of this Act, this needs to be done before the elections in 2014. There are many aspects that need to be improved within our healthcare system, but Obama-care is not the way to accomplish those needed changes.