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For Your Consideration: Obama-care

Contributing Writer

There appears to be an effort by the President and his administration to put some distance between the term “Obama-care” that was once embraced by the administration and the President. This attitude is understandable given the problems the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is experiencing during its initial presentation, but given the structure of the program these early problems are just a small glimmer of what’s to come.
The administration is continually implying that all the problems are related to the programming format and once these shortcomings are corrected people will like the coverage they are getting.
The selling point the administration continually points to is that the cost for a police will be reduced and the coverage will be expanded, but the proponents fail to point out that the deductibles are much higher and the co pays may also be higher than they were in an individual’s private sector policy.
The deductible has to be met before the policy starts to pay for services received, this would suggest that there will be a large number of people that may have coverage but the policy may not be paying the bills.
There are many other aspects that will not be well received, the fact that the doctor you have may not be included in the government’s healthcare system, this may also apply to the hospital that the individual is using.
In reality the government’s system is not designed to reduce the cost of care or improve the service that the individual receives.
The purpose behind the Act has nothing to due with the stated purpose of the Act, it was designed with a political purpose in mind, and if the electorate does not come to this realization it will have a rude awakening by the time this system is realized.
Obama-care is a system that has been designed to impact every major segment of our society; government will be greatly expanded; employment will be severely impaired; wages will be reduced; there will be a wider separation between the have and the have-nots; and the Administrative Branch of the government will have increased its power over the other two major branches of the government.
There are some individuals that have a clear understanding of what this Act was designed to do, and have tried to get it repealed before it could accomplish what it was designed to do, but there were too many politicians that were concerned that there positions would suffer because the President and the administration would force the nation into a shut down, this would not be the case if the Republics knew how to present their case to the electorate. For all those individuals that have major concerns with what this program is going to do to our society, it is time to get active and let your representatives know where you stand on this subject, shutting down the government will not so as much harm to our society as this Act is going to have on it, even with the actions that the President is likely to initiate to show how much the shut down will hurt.