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For Your Consideration: A Time for Reflection

Contributing Writer

For many of us this is time for reflection and giving thanks; Christians give thanks for the birth of Jesus and the message he had for mankind, an important part of the message was the love and concern for all beings, regardless of one’s faith. One should take the greeting of “Merry Christmas” with this message in mind when it is given.
This greeting should not be perceived as something that was meant just for Christians or for people that believe in Jesus Christ as the savior, it’s intent should be to wish all members of the human race a sign of love and concern for all members of the race of man, regardless of color, sex, social status, or their relationship with the Creator.
A person receiving this greeting should not take offense, even if the individual does not believe in the existence of the Creator.
Jesus had some good advice for all members of the human race, when He suggested that any person that was without sin could stone a person that had committed a sin that required stoning; there was no one in the crowed that picked up a stone to administer the punishment.
Man has laws that have been established to maintain some stability in various societies, but one should take care when judging a person related to the Law of the Creator, this is the domain of the Creator, and those that don’t abide by the Creator’s Law will reap what they have sown.
It seems apparent that since most, if not all, of us have failed to comply with His Law.
When one considers the state of mankind’s condition around the world, it is apparent that the human race is not doing a very good job of following the Creator’s Law.
It would be nice if individuals really put some thought into the greeting that is given at this time of the year, but it would be more important to transmit the message the year-round, and showing it by the manner in which we interact with each other every day, but if one cannot accomplish this on a continual basis, let’s try to give the “Merry Christmas” greeting with the full meaning of the message at this time of the year, one might even find that it can be contagious, if given with pure feeling, and to end this message a greeting of Merry Christmas is transmitted to all humans.