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For Your Consideration: Compromise

Contributing Writer

The term compromise has been tossed around frequently by both political parties, and one should question the application of the term, and whether it applies to the situation. 
Let’s look at a situation that the term may apply; if one is looking to travel from point A to point B, the following elements may be variables that may require compromise: the mood of transportation, the departure and arrival dates, and the number of individuals that will be transported; these are just a few of the factors that one can compromise on, but the fact that everyone is traveling in the same direction to reach a specific location is not open to compromise.
The problem with how politicians are using the term with respect to many of the troubles that they are trying to address today, is that the desired outcomes are diametrically opposed to each other; one group wants to go north, while the other wants to go south, there can be no compromising when faced with this condition.
The current administration adroitly uses words to influence the opposing party and the general public to view its position as being open to modifying its position, but in truth it is only open to changes that will achieve the goal that it is looking to attain.
It would appear that both political parties are open to enhancing the growth of the Federal government, but there are individuals in both parties that are becoming concerned that this growth is taking the country away from the direction that our Founders laid out for us, and in doing so it  is lessening the freedom of the individual.
Obama-care, the hallmark legislation of this administration, is a perfect illustration of the direction the nation is going in if the electorate fails to the control the excesses of government at all levels of government is taking, but the Affordable Care Act is not the
only thing that should be looked at with a critical eye, the budget bill that was passed last week is worthwhile noting, because it really highlights the problems associated with compromising. If the President views the budget legislation
as being acceptable, it is only because he knows that he can use it to his advantage to continue to move the government in the direction that will satisfy the goal he
is seeking. Given the track record of the Republican Party, it’s doubtful that it will be able to make any significant gains in achieving its desired goal.
We are entering a new year; let’s hope that the electorate puts more thought into what’s happening in our government and that the selections they make in picking representatives will represent them in the various government positions.
The election that is coming up in November of this year is extremely important, and it would behoove the electorate to disregard the rhetoric and the cloaks that the candidates wrap themselves in, and look for more specific solutions to the problems that the nation is facing.
Let’s hope that this is a year that the nation can move back to a real fundamental transformation that will move us back to the nation that our Founders envisioned for us, and let’s not compromise on that vision. Happy New Year!