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For Your Consideration: The President’s Solution

Contributing Writer

Obama-care is the gift that keeps on giving, as far as the President is concerned. This gift came out of left-field, it was totally unexpected by observers of the program that was supposedly designed to correct shortcomings within the nation’s healthcare system.
There are a number of observers of the administration that are convinced that the true intent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was to enlarge and strengthen the Federal Government’s ability to control the general population, more specifically the control and power of the Administrative Branch of government.
The gift that the President is trying to extract from Obama-care is the establishment of an entirely new agency that deals with the creation of programs that are designed to enhance an agency’s electronic function within the government’s system; this suggestion is being made in light of the poor performance of the program that was utilized to initiate Obama-care.
One can find a number of problems that were associated with the system’s rollout for the Affordable Care Act, but all those flaws has more to do with the objectives that the administration did not want the general public to be aware of.
The real problem was the use of a firm that had a poor reputation for designing programs for other agencies including governmental agencies, but this company has two important features in its favor; the first being that it could pass the requirements that the government had established to be able to work on a government program, and the second being the fact that a member, holding a high position in the company was a close associate of the First Lady during her college days.
It strains one’s credulity to think that the government could do a better job at designing and maintaining programs than the private sector given the government’s performance with the rollout of Obama-care.
There is little justification for the government to take over a task that can be accomplished by the private sector, and there are a number of positive points to be made for the private sector’s participation in this area.
The first important point is that the company can be held accountable for the design and function of any program that it has created, try and do that with a government agency; the second point is that a private company can accomplish the job in a more cost effective manner than the government; and finally, the taxpayer does not have to carry another government worker into retirement with all the benefits that entails, this is not suggesting that all government workers fall into the category of deadwood, nor is it suggesting that the government has no deadwood.
The President appears to be confirming the concerns some people have had over the true purpose behind Obama care with each action he takes; it’s becoming clear that this Act is not going to be the panacea for the nation’s healthcare system, as the President has continually implied.
Obama-care is not going to be less costly for a major portion of the individuals that are enrolled in the program; the level of care for many individuals will be degraded as a result of the requirements that are built into the program; and the taxes, fees, and fines that will be taken from individuals will put one more nail into the nation’s recovery, just what the country needs.
Obama-care, along with many of the other policies the President is pursuing is creating conditions that are going to lead the nation into a depression, not a recession, which we are already in regardless of the media’s slant on the economy.
The electorate needs to become informed and act in a positive manner to change the makeup of Congress during the election in November of this year, don’t start a month or two before the election, start to educate yourself now, if you don’t you will be just as responsible as the people you have put in office.