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For Your Consideration: Incoherent and Inconsistent

Contributing Writer

If there was any description that would explain the condition of the government of the United States, one would be hard-pressed to find fault with the following: the U.S. government is incoherent and inconsistent, but this shortcoming should not surprise the electorate, because it is a trend that appears throughout the human species.
The only thing that will correct this flaw in man is an education that concentrates reason, logic, and critical thinking; one may also include the scientific paradigm used for defining a truth.
It should be clear at this point in man’s history that most of the things that the species has held as being true are continually being replaced by a new truth; given this fact it would seem reasonable to limit the legislation, laws, and regulations that the government, at all levels, heaps upon the nation’s social structure.
The current administration is proving to be a perfect example of this human shortcoming, but this does not exonerate all the previous administrations that have functioned in the same manner to one degree or another.
If there was any good reason to suggest that our Founders were correct in placing limitations on the powers of the government, this human characteristic flaw should lend strong support for their position.
The government has advanced its power far beyond the limits that the Founders had envisioned, the government no longer perceives itself as the servant to the general public, it has become the master, this is what happens when the individual is unwilling to take responsibility for one’s actions.
The government is showing more and more signs of becoming a dictatorship, there are a number of trends that are beginning to show up that would lend support to this position.
The President is behaving as though he is not answerable for any of his actions, but he is responsible for the court he assembled to implement the policies that the nation is following, he has bypassed the Congress frequently during his reign, and the Senate has sanctioned these actions that have in effect denied the states their rights to govern.
The administration started its reign with the bold move of pushing Obama-care into law with the complete help of the Democratic Party, which controlled both Houses of Congress at the time, not one Republican vote participated in the passage of this legislation.
The electorate can’t say that they were broadsided by the actions of the President, he has stated from the beginning that he felt the Constitution was too restrictive in relation to the power of the government, and that attitude became even more specific when he became President, at that point the Administrative Branch should have more power, even though he opposed this view when he was in the Senate.
Our representatives have become the protected élite class that have managed to exclude themselves from many of the laws that they have passed to govern the serfs (the average citizen), this position is hard for many of us to envision because of the protection that is granted to citizens in the U.S. Constitution, but it should be clear by now that the Constitution is being undermined by our representatives.
There appears to be an awakening within the ranks of the serfs, some people have labeled this movement “The Tea Party”, but it goes far beyond any affiliation with an organized group, and it encompasses members from all the established political parties. One can only hope that this awakening is not too late to reestablish the principles that were set forth in our Constitution.