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For Your Consideration: Taking Control

Contributing Writer

All elections are important, but it’s becoming more apparent that they are reaching a critical point in their importance given the nation’s fiscal condition.
The electorate is not going to have the luxury of casting their votes in a haphazard manner if they intend on correcting the problems that the country is facing.
There are a number of forces that are vying for votes, and most of them are intent on accomplishing something that is neither beneficial to the nation’s welfare or that of the individual.
To simplify the picture it can be portrayed as a movement to place more power in the hands of some centralized group, or to maximize the freedom of the individual, all parties involved in the struggle will present themselves as being in favor of the average person, but this cloak is only being utilized to hide their true intent.
It becomes a little more difficult to discern the real motivation of all the parties involved in this struggle for dominance, especially when the two major political parties are added to the mix, because one can find individuals in both political parties that will advocate positions along the continuum, but both parties will tend to represent a position that will place more emphasis on the control of power being in either the Democratic Party’s or the Republican Party’s hands. 
At one end of the continuum there is complete control by a centralized government; at the other end is maximum freedom for the individual, to present this in a different light at one end of the continuum there will be a dictatorship, at the opposite end, chaos.
The only way that both ends can function as a desirable form or government is to have an extreme level of responsibility and rationality, neither of these qualities have a high probability of coming into play at either end of the continuum, which suggests that there will have to be some degree of government influence at the individual freedom end of the continuum.
The nation is not going to arrive at the proper point in the continuum if the electorate continues to elect representatives in the haphazard manner that has been employed in past elections, much more thought needs to go into analyzing a candidate’s true motivation for running.
This suggests that the electorate will have to learn the techniques that are being used to influence the voter’s selection, this evaluation needs to be employed at all levels of government, because the forces that are vying for control of the power to govern are exerting their influence throughout the entire political system, it is not limited to the national political system. Politicians have become very adept at learning how to influence the electorate, it’s time the electorate familiarize themselves with the techniques that are being utilized to indoctrinating the populace, which is being employed in our educational system at the very beginning of the individual’s education. It is very disappointing to find that most of the emphasis by psychologists is being directing in how to indoctrinate the individual, rather than teaching the individual to resist the manipulation being employed by many of our political candidates, this is a clear indication that there needs to be more attention paid to our educational system if the electorate is ever going to be able to find the correct position on the continuum of the control for power. If the electorate fails to learn how they are being manipulated then the outcome of the nation’s future looks very bleak.