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For Your Consideration: A Level Playing-field

Contributing Writer

The term “leveling playing-field” is another emotive term that needs to be defined before individuals start to get carried away with the concept that is not clearly defined.
It would appear that the President is viewing this term as if all individuals were equal at any given point, regardless of the individual’s experience, education, or physical capabilities, to suggest that this view is impractical is an understatement.
It would seem that the President is more interested in furthering a faulty ideology that is completely antithetical to any of the principles that are required to achieve a sound economic business environment.
Many of the institutions in our society appear to be more of an impediment to a healthy capitalistic system that is needed to put the nation’s economy back on track.
There are a lot of things that can be done to level the playing field, but it is doubtful that any of the actions will ever reach a state that they are functioning to their fullest capability.
One area that needs immediate attention is the nation’s educational system, but the politicians will have to stop suggesting that the system needs more money, this approach only leads to a larger bureaucratic educational system. 
The system needs a curriculum that’s designed to give the individual the basic tools needed to expand the individual’s self-directed education, and the means of imparting the information needs to be varied enough to account for the assorted methods of transmitting the desired
information, one size does not fit all.
It would be foolish to think that a curriculum, having the suggested complexity, could be correctly implemented with a single draft, it would have to be viewed as a guideline that would improve as man’s knowledge of how different individuals process information, no small task, but it is clear that the current method is not working to benefit the individual.   
The President makes a fundamental mistake when he suggests that all individuals are the same, and that they desire the same thing, any approach that employs this reasoning is bound for failure, each individual is unique, it is doubtful that one could find a psychologist that would suggest that the individual is a product wholly of environment or genetic composition, most of their debates are related to which of these two factors may carry more weight in the formation of the individual.
The nature/nurture question is going to be open for debate for a long time, but the fact that each individual is a singularly unique would appear to be a reasonable conclusion at this
time, which would suggest that it would be a mistake to devise a system that treated all members of the human species the same.
It’s important to realize that all people do not strive to be rich, even if there is a realization that shelter and food are essential to one degree of another depending upon the individual, and there are members of the human species that would rather be self-sufficient, and not rely on others
for their support, most people understand that
there are limits to the concept of self-sufficiency, but the general goal is to minimize dependency, but this goal does not have to be performed by the government.
The individual can establish relationships with other individuals that con fulfill a person’s needs; hopefully there will be an exchange that will benefit the giver and the receiver.
The only thing the government needs to do is ensure that all individuals have an equal opportunity to develop their abilities, and not make a determination as to
who is going to get special treatment, which is what the President is expressing with his approach, but the reality of the President’s approach is to encourage a dependency on the government, but the degree of dependency is greater than many citizens are willing to accept.
Government, at all levels, is inserting itself into too many areas that should be left to the individual, to put this another way, it is diminishing the individual’s freedom of choice, this approach is diametrically opposed to the intent of our Founding Fathers, it’s time to call a halt to the government’s grand scheme for greater control over the individual.